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Unofficial Maths Unit 2 43602H 7th March 2012 Mark-scheme

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    The car de-value one and the pocket money one are both 4 marks
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    I think 17a is like 3/4 marks perhaps, not sure. Question 13 was either 1 or 2 marks i think. Does anybody please know any rough grade boundaries/ do you think they'll be high or low? Most people i spoke too found it incredibly hard, myself included:/
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    I'll try and think, can you answer my question please? ^^?
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    Phew that's a relief! I thought that test was lethal... how did you find it? Everyone i asked said they found it really hard:/ Question 10 was 5 marks i think
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    yeah, 10 was 5 marks
    same! i came out of the exam feeling confident, but then i realised that i made a lot of silly mistakes.
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    i think the june 2011 exam that i also sat was the hardest. that explains why the grade boundaries were extremely low!
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    (Original post by Maths0)
    Can you remember any other marks for the questions as well? Or what question 9 and 16 was?
    not sure about 9 or 16, sorry.. 17a is worth 1 mark because all you had to do is multiply the brackets and they've already given you the answer. 18 is definitely 4 marks because i remember not being able to do that question
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    thats what i did for the muffin question aswell, i think it should be about 3 marks?
    not sure about 18 cos i didnt even attempt the question :/ according to the november 2011 mark scheme which had a similar question.. it says you'd only get a mark for showing that 4x²-x+7 = 9x²+6x+1
    you'd have to get the subtraction correct to gain the second mark, but dont worry about it!
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    you're welcome i think the grade boundaries will be on the aqa website on wednesday!
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    I get my results on thursday:/ so scared! I really think i failed:/
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    not sure im just hoping its around 37 for an A!
    yeah we all do aww, try not to worry about it!
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    Any guesses for the grade boundaries? Also do you think the test was hard? I did:')
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    IT'S WEDNESDAY, What times are the boundaries released?
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    They've updated ittttt!! I was right it is 37 for an A
    And haha same, I'm on my phone aswell haha
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    same here, good luck

    http://store.aqa.org.uk/over/stat_pd...OUND-MAR12.PDF these are the boundaries -(43602h)
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Updated: April 18, 2012
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