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How do some girls manage to look perfect ALL the time?

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    (Original post by philistine)
    Why must you repeatedly create personal attacks?

    Are you retarded?

    Or do you find yourself fitting snugly into the category I heretofore denounced so scathingly?

    Pellejema, pls go.
    a) Personal attacks are the best sort of attacks. At least, they're superior to generalising whole groups of people based upon your limited experience!
    b) I'm probably not retarded (although I'm probably not the one to judge).
    c) I don't believe I fit into that category, just think it's amazing that you would equate 'pretty' with 'slut' so easily and without grounds?
    d. Philistine, no.
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    (Original post by rlw31)
    What has that picture got to do with what you've written :confused: If you think the only difference in the 'before' pictures and the 'after' ones is make up, and not extensive plastic surgery (it's a picture from extreme makeover) then you're retarded, brb lying by applying mascara...

    The picture is from a US extreme makeover series called 'The Swan', in which "ugly duckling" women were transferred into "swans", and it involved dental work, exercise and yes, cosmetic surgery.

    Each week, two women would get the treatment, but only one would be put forward to the final pageant. These women were the winners from each week and were the finalists.

    The woman third from right, Rachel, won the final beauty pageant.

    So yes, these transformations are nothing to do with make-up, and every bit to do with cosmetic surgery.
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    As much as people want to **** off girls because they wear makeup, there are some girls who look genuinely amazing (makeup or no makeup - even if they are in the minority). Girls saying otherwise are jealous.
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    I saw one of these girls at an Infected Mushroom gig not long ago. Great hair, great makeup and she was near the front the whole time. Not a single drop of sweat on her.

    How did she achieve this?

    By not dancing as hard, as fast, with as much energy as everyone. Didn't look like fun to me!
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    (Original post by st_23)
    Some people are just naturally pretty, some probably make more of an effort than you think, as for the others they probably aren't even as pretty as you think.
    OP probably isn't as ugly/ awkward as she thinks too.
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    they do nothing else but try to look good.

    As weird as it sounds. it is so fake to me.
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    (Original post by Annie72)
    I want a make over like those ladies had!
    you cant be that unattractive?
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    (Original post by sword)
    I hate makeup. Damn clown crap. A woman wearing more than lip gloss is a damn liar that can't be trusted.

    To be fair, 'Cindy' looks better without.
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    Nobody male or female can look perfect ALL the time. It's just impossible. Asides, I find that women who are constantly doing make-up every 2 minutes are dependant upon their looks to get noticed. Personally, I like girls who make a rare effort, as I would rather that they had a personality and a lot of knowledge so I can have intellectual and informed conversations with them. The majority who are all about the looks are nothing like that and are consequently bland and boring.
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    Usually it's because of the following reasons:

    1. They constantly go to the bathroom to re-apply makeup etc etc

    2. They don't look perfect, you're just being overly critical of yourself and noticing things no one else would notice on you.
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    (Original post by Sad_Puppy)
    You know the girls I'm talking about. The wind blows and their hair stays perfect. Mine frizzes up, blows into my face, into my mouth. They dance at nightclubs, they don't sweat. At all. I dance? I sweat bucket loads, my eyeliner smudges, my foundation runs. They wear 6 inch heels and can walk as well as if they were wearing trainers. Me? I wobble, trip, and can just about manage half a mile per hour. In pictures they look like tanned, glossy godesses, whilst I look like I'm derping even if my face is neutral.

    How do they do it? I just don't understand :erm:
    i like girls with character

    fake, plastic makeup heads are as fake as their breasts
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    (Original post by LooseLogic)
    I can't figure out which one is the woman in the middle at the top. Does applying makeup also cause boobs to grow? :eek:
    It's Extreme Makeover, they all get plastic surgery as well.
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    (Original post by ily_em)
    OP probably isn't as ugly/ awkward as she thinks too.
    Yeah thats probably true. I think people always pick faults in themselves that other people dont. I know I do, i dont stress about it too much but i might think i look bad some days when everyone else probably thinks I look exactly the same as every other day.
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    You think some people look perfect all the time? Maybe whenever they are in public, but I doubt they look gorgeous and glamorous whilst taking a dump.
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    (Original post by sarahthegemini)
    You think some people look perfect all the time? Maybe whenever they are in public, but I doubt they look gorgeous and glamorous whilst taking a dump.
    You just made me imagine all the girls I know like this on the toilet. I feel like I've violated them.
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    I do get a bit jealous of those girls who look perfect most of the time and seem to have just walked out of a photo shoot. Then in a kind of mean way, there are some girls who walk past who show signs of not really taking care of themselves.

    If the girl looks great most of the time, then she probably is just naturally pretty/ photogenic or that she spends more than 2 hrs of her day in the bathroom ensuring that she looks good. lol.
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    Some of these replies sound really bitter lol
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    I know what you mean! I have no idea how those girls do it. Most people tell me I'm pretty and I guess I have a nice face, but I can't help but look like a mess all of the time - my hair always frizzes out, my foundation never stays nice and my skins ends up looking dull or patchy etc. Whenever I go to gigs, I always end up looking terrible because of all the moshing/dancing etc. yet so many girls look absolutely fine (and yes, they've been dancing a lot too.)

    I think it's partly luck (eg. those with naturally clear skin and glossy hair are always going to look more 'perfect'), partly spending a lot of time primping and finding the right products, and partly putting outfits together well, eg. I think a lot of these girls look more polished because they've taken the time to put outfits together and complimented them with polished nails/accessories.

    Also, I think a lot of the time these girls just look confident and comfortable, rather than readjusting their clothes all the time/slouching rather than ~walking tall. The way you carry yourself can make you appear more polished.


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