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'Thinktanks' are secret societies influencing government policy.

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    Did you know that one of the earliest 'thinktanks' was a secret society? The Fabians is one of the oldest British thinktanks.

    Little has changed today. We don't recognise them as 'secret societies' because the term has become tainted, and is associated with the old world. But we don't live in a world where things are as they appear.

    There are many secret societies in existence in England today. Members of the Fabians may no longer hope for Eugenics as they once did, but both Blair, Brown, and now Ed Milliband have consulted the Fabians on government policy. Demos is a Marxist thinktank related to the Fabians via the Young Foundation.

    The Tories, too, have their 'thinktanks'.

    They are nothing more than modern secret societies operating under the name of 'thinktank'. These 'thinktanks' may derive their geneology from Henry Ford's CASBS Foundation. Ford was a Scotiish Rite Freemason btw.
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    The only secret is that in our, "Democracy" the elected government is not the CEO, the thinktanks who create the policies, lobbyists and the companies on the FTSE 100 are. People must become more politically aware for democracy to exist in a true form.
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    I like how they guardian directs its hate at "right-wing" groups that, in reality, hate free markets and won't include the fabians.

    The guardian has its own agenda too.
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    God dammed do gooder Fabians, ****ing everything up :cool:

    The Fabians are the true illuminati. They actually exist. And they actually influence government. They actually promote intrusive government and more global government. All to help people ofcourse, they are well intended tyrants.
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    I am a Fabian, OP. We are not a secret society, we are a member run think tank.
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    I thought thinktanks were largely a way by which successful academics/ businessmen can retire into an easy life or find an "internship" for their completely useless offspring.

    From my admittedly paltry experience of dealing with them I have been utterly unimpressed with the quality of people working for them.
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    (Original post by Llamageddon)
    From my admittedly paltry experience of dealing with them I have been utterly unimpressed with the quality of people working for them.
    What do you expect, they do not have to deal with the competitive pressure of the market....
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    Urm...they arnt that secret?

    Ive been to a free market think tank before (Adam Smith institute) even though I dont belive in that political ideal. It was quite an expirience!
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    yeah so what you gonna do about it
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    I'd modify your statement to say that some thinktanks are secret societies. You're right to bring up the criminal influence certain organisations hold over the government however and to question the motives behind many of these thinktanks.

    The question is how to identify them.
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    They're called lobbyists.


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Updated: April 16, 2012
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