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Guys how far are you in your Alevel revision?

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    I am lagging. I hate it... I wish I had the same motivation when I started my first AS module.
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    Not far at all, barely did anything over Easter. I'm aiming for +90% too so this is just stupid.
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    Not very far... less than half way through biology and chemistry, haven't touched my two languages in about 3 weeks, and as for maths...

    I'm not too worried though, I still have time. I started serious revision for my Jan exams about 3 weeks before and I got good grades.
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    I haven't attemped any past papers except for 1 unit.
    I'm doing 6 different units this summer.
    I want to try and learn all the info first before I start exam papers.
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    Currently a packet of Jaffa cakes and a litre of lemonade in, you?
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    I'm planning on starting Soloman papers for Maths on Monday my Cw for my 2nd subject should be done in a week and my third subject we won't bother talking about
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    I don't do notes for Maths and Chemistry, I just answer questions and then look at the mark scheme to see what you get marks for but I haven't started doing that yet. I need to finish my Biology notes first which I'm halfway through then I'll start past papers for all three subjects.
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    Facebook has probably seen more of most you guys revision time than your textbooks have.
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    no where near enough, i need school to motivate me :rolleyes:
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    Chemistry: finished the larger module and half way through the smaller one. Should finish in a week and a half.
    Biology: Not started, but just going to increase the hours I do per week. So I should be finished in around 3 weeks time.
    Psychology: Not really done anything.
    Eng Lit: Nothing, but then again, you can't really revise for Eng Lit.
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    I will start tomorrow.

    Or the day after...
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    not far lol i've done 2 past papers for my unit 1 chem retake and looked through some unit 2 HBIO2 pastpapers to see what the questions might be like. Done the same for psychology unit2. I still need to do some HBIO1 papers so i can get my B .
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    (Original post by Future_Dr)
    I am lagging. I hate it... I wish I had the same motivation when I started my first AS module.
    I always start my revision asap. Started my A2's last september - got me from a BCD to AAC
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    chemistry especially. I find it hard to grasp.
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    i'm procrastinating as usual...
    just finished watching the 14th movie..
    i really need to pay some attention to the bio and chem that has remained untouched all easter
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    I'll be on it after I've just done this banging poo
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    Officially starting tomorrow
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    I am as far as the beginning.
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    Just started.
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    Wonder how many people are lying here...


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