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Who's going Plymouth Uni 2012?

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    im off to study in plymouth uni doing engineering, plymouth is a good city i was born and raised here i then joined the army and nothing could ever touch the city it maybe down out of the way but theres plenty to do, not far from Newquay if anyone wants to surf plenty of beaches , pubs lol its great well done everyone who got in and good luck
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    Hello everybody, I am going to plymouth this year will be my first. I am taking an undergraduate program of media arts, anyone else? I will be glad to make contacts before I go there anyone who wants to add me https://www.facebook.com/MeylinBayrqmali
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    I'm going to Plymouth for the media arts course too! Nice to meet you guys! I'm still searching infos about the accomodations before applying
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    jus a question for anyone whose been to plymouth and the uni - is it a multicultural uni and city ?
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    (Original post by jenni00004)
    jus a question for anyone whose been to plymouth and the uni - is it a multicultural uni and city ?
    I've been there for a couple of days for a open day and yes, it is a very multicultural city and uni!
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    Hey y'all, I'm going Plymouth in September to study Criminology and Criminal Justice studies add me to Facebook: Aislingh14 xx
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    (Original post by CarlitosWayz12)
    What made you change your mind for Plymouth instead of Portsmouth?
    Just felt Portsmouth wasn't right for me, when I went to Plymouth the lecturers were really helpful, the city centre was right on the front and the university just seemed nicer. Plus the halls in Portsmouth were in a shocking state, well the ones I went to were
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    hey all im going to Plymouth uni september! canntt waiittt

    facebook http://www.facebook.com/georgia.rac

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    hey guys.

    so i got an offer for optometry and I have yet to see anyone else that going into this program.
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    Anyone going PLYMOUTH this September??? add me .. http://www.facebook.com/nickwmoores
    Also me and a friend are organising a pre freshers night out chance to meet people before we all go even though there will be heaps of time for that in freshers . What courses have people applied for? Architecture for me xD
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    P p p p p plymouttthhhhhh
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    I'm going plymouth!!!!(if I pass my exams) xoxoxo
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    I'm going to Plymouth if I pass! going to be studying social work! sooo excited ^^
    facebook- http://www.facebook.com/#!/lauren.davies.1232
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    (Original post by Sandsaref)
    I am taking an undergraduate program of media arts, anyone else?
    (Original post by alexn5)
    I'm going to Plymouth for the media arts course too!
    Hi! I'm already at Plymouth Uni, but am changing to start Media Arts next year too, it looks like a great course!

    If you're nervous about starting, don't be! The university and the city are great, people are really friendly, nights out are great fun and the hoe / coast etc is really beautiful, great to relax on a sunny day (of which there are many! )

    Looking forward to meeting you in September!
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    I'm so stoked for freshers in Plymouth guys and I haven't even got my grades/done my exams yet!!!!
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    I'll be studying photography. Really excited about it!
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    Hey peeps,

    I am off to Plymouth Uni to start social work. I don't know if its just me but i can't wait to start. I wanna get stuck in to all the activities on offer- especially learning to ski at the local slope. I think I have my accomodation sorted but keen to make new friends

    Add me on facebook Ally Perrin

    See u soon xx
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    (Original post by TessaBarton)
    Hey, I'm moving from Bucks (near windsor) to plymouth. Studying primary education (p.e), anyone else on my course?
    Studying primary education (Humanities) but how the course works I reckon there will be mixed specialist subject seminars


    Skype: pandapop216453
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    I'm hopefully going to Plymouth (got a conditional offer!) and will be studying Psychology moving from the Wirral (no one knows where that is, so if you don't, it's by Liverpool!)
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    Hey, anyone else doing mechanical engineering?


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