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Favourite type of Tea?

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    Title says it all really. Whats your favourite type of Tea?

    My personal favourite is Twinnings Ceylon and Twinnings Assam
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    If it's not got coffee in it, it's not real tea.
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    Normal, Earl or Green
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    Green tea with lemon, get through a few cups a day :coma:

    Can't beat a good ol' fashioned cuppa either though
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    Extra-strong Tetley ^^
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    Iced tea
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    Golf tees.
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    The only time I like actual tea is at about 3 in the morning when I like Earl Grey. I also sometimes drink chocolate tea but, whilst it comes in a teabag, it does not actually contain any tea leaves so I'm not sure it counts.
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    Normal. Strong, Milk with two sugars
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    Mad Hatter Tea, I drink far too much of it. Also Twinings English Breakfast
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    Anything from the Twinings Fresh and Fruity collection preferably with Ginseng! I love my herbal teas!
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    Free samples from Whittard!
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    (Original post by Dandaman9999)
    Iced tea
    peach or long island?
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    Lemon and Ginger! With honey added to it.............. :eek: (<orgasm face when I have some)
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    PG Tips!
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    Sainsburys Red Label, although I have also recently become partial to fresh, chopped ginger infused in hot water and sweetened with honey.
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    At different times of day - ordinary, Earl Grey, Peppermint, Lemon & Ginger
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    Regular tea
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    pg tips all the way!


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Updated: April 16, 2012
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