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Is she pretty? Rate out of 10?

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    She's an acting student doing silent pieces.
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    (Original post by itsallaboutmoney)
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    She looks a little bit upset?
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    7/10- What a weird video.
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    Is "she" you? Such poor quality and the shadowing makes it look like "she" has a noticeably asymmetrical face. Anywho, "she" is very pretty
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    (Original post by dslc)
    She looks a little bit upset?
    It's for an acting project.She's an acting student doing silent pieces.
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    What the **** did I just watch...

    But yeah, pretty.
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    wtf did i just watch
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    not my type though, but still nice.
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    unless it's you. then 10/10.

    Hope that helped the boost in self-esteem 'she' was looking for.
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    (Original post by HollyB_C)
    Is "she" you? Such poor quality and the shadowing makes it look like "she" has a noticeably asymmetrical face. Anywho, "she" is very pretty
    I avoided rating through fear of disappointing OP for this exact reason
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    was different but im not gonna rate you should never ask someone to rate you if they dont like you who cares!
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    Beautiful, I thought :yes:
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    not my type haha, too much makeup, plus i think north american and brits have different tastes in girls.

    Edit: Why the negs -.-
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    i think you need to close your window it looks a little drafty..
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    The lighting makes it impossible to tell. I feel relatively confident she's not unattractive but I couldn't say more than that from that video.
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    you look nice
    replace your webcam...
    is this a sequel to the ring?
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    the vid is kinda creepy. wtf.
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    I had to close it half way through 'cuz I felt as if this was some sort of set up and anyone who watches the full vid will have some horrible end :zomg:

    Good luck to all of those who watched it all :zomg:
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    and no i dont think shes pretty. shes Ugly as ****.


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Updated: April 20, 2012
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