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Topman Boxers ?

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    How many guys wear topman boxers ? Do you think topman size their clothing wierd ? Im 36 '' round the middle and find even the XL are pretty tight, why are their sizes so small ?
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    I've always had to go up a size, but tbh no two shops seem to have the same sizing these days...
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    Does anybody actually wear anything from topman at all, apart from singers/models ?
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    I mean, it seems like it's so expensive for such... crappy stock.
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    Tighter fitting clothes are more stylish atm, hence everything being tight. As for boxers, I like the Topman ones being tight.. they dont ride up as much when wearing skinnys.. hetro ftw
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    Can't stand having tight boxers. Rather just get some from matalan or something.
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    Least your willy will look sexy
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    I used to. They don't last though, 10+ washes and all the pattern fades and they look all tacky..
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    I just go to Marks & Spencers or Primark. Get the cheap ones. They wont last long anyway, so what does it matter? If I want good looking ones I will go to The Officers Club.
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    Yeah l totally agree


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Updated: June 18, 2015
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