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Changing entry requirements for 2013/14?

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    I am looking at universities to apply to for a PGCE in Primary Education for 2013/14 entry. I am hoping to stay fairly local so I'm looking at universities in the area, however, most universities don't have their requirements up for 2013/14 entry.

    One of the few that does is Anglia Ruskin uni, they are asking for a B in English Language GCSE. I messed up my GCSE's getting C's in everything except German and French which I got B's in. However, in my A Levels I got a B in English Language, a B in Literature, a B in German and a C in Drama (with AS in Critical Thinking). I then went on to do a degree in English Lanaguage and English Literature, in which I'm predicted a 2:1.

    However, when I contaced the university they said that my A2 levels and my degree are not substitutes for the B in GCSE English Language and therefore I wouldn't meet their entry requirements.

    I'm just wondering if this is going to happen at all universities? Just so I know if I need to resit the GCSE (which would be stupid considering my A2 and my degree in the subject....).

    thanks for any help
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    Yes i think it is. I would resit.
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    Does anybody know if A*AB in A levels is equvalent to AAA?
    Thank you
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    (Original post by dominykka)
    Does anybody know if A*AB in A levels is equvalent to AAA?
    Thank you
    It depends on the university and which A-levels you got what in. but generally if its a top university, with competition being so tough, they won't allow A*AB instead of AAA unless the offer specifies it.
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    I'm not sure about all these qualifications because i got onto a pgce for primary education at Leicster Uni and all i've got is a predicted 2:1 in English, Maths gcse (C), English Language gcse (B) and still doing my Biology predicted (C). I think it all depends the route you go. I got my place because I went thru Affinity Schools ad was interviewed by the school BEFORE the Uni. The schools have 15 of the 152 places and the way i see it is if you get past the interviews with them they decide whether you get on the PGCE (unless you seriously screw up

    The advantage this way is that the school ses your calibre as a teacher and whilst you need to make the minimum requirements (2:1, maths, science, english C or above) they are more interested in you as a person and how you teach a class (that's actually one of the requiremnts on the interview to take a class for 20 minutes)

    All i'll say is there are more options out there than just tryin to fit the exacting standards that unis themselves set
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    I got all c's in my GCSE's and I got 3D's in my a levels and D,E at AS level and a 2:2 in my degree and I am on a Primary PGCE starting in September at University of Cumbria, so I think you can still look around. Sometimes its not all about the grades but how strong your application is. Keep an eye open on all the universities in your area.
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    Hi there, i have just got through the post this morning the Anglia Ruskin post-graduate prospectus. Looking at the primary section, one requires "a gcse pass at grade c or higher, in English Language, mathematics and science." (on the website it says b or higher preferred, so arguably if you have met the minimum requirement then you should be fine). But i guess if the uni says the qualifications you have do not make up for the grade at gcse the only option you have is to re sit, or apply to other unis. I wish you luck, i am also looking to apply to Anglia Ruskin for a PGCE Primary for 2013/2014 so hopefully will get it.
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    Just retake them GCSE exam again

    you're bound to much better now seeing that you got such a good grade in A Level!


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Updated: May 26, 2012
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