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Does this couple deserve compensation?

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    Yep, and they will probably get it from the carriage company if they decide to sue them. Their negligence has led to the couple being assaulted by one of their animals, it would probably be quite strong in court.
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    I don't like stupid compensation claims and I think it serves them right because a horse and carriage is extremely tacky. But I suppose if you have paid to be transported from one place to another you expect to be delivered safely. If you end up on your face then I guess you should be entitled to compensation.
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    I think the horse should put in a claim for compo for being forced to trot up a dual carriageway.
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    I don't think they can sue. There wasn't any negligence on the part of the company, as you can only control an animal to a certain extent. I'm not suggesting you should expect these things to happen, but it's part of the risks of a carriage I guess.
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    It depends:

    Mrs Sykes said: 'It all happened so fast. Witnesses told us they saw the horse bucking when it got out of its box so we think there was something wrong from the beginning. It could have been in there for hours.'
    If the horse was acting up, or wasn't sufficiently safe to pull a carriage - either generally or at that point - then it should not have been used and some sort of accident could have been reasonably foreseen. Otherwise, no, it's just an unfortunate situation which is part of the risk of riding around in a carriage, and no responsibility of the company.

    The family were furious to discover this week that the carriage operator was not insured, meaning they will receive no compensation.
    That's funny logic. A person doesn't have to have any sort of insurance for you to take legal action against them.

    Mrs Sykes added: 'We will never get our wedding day back, no matter what happens. But with some compensation we could have had a trip away or a new photoshoot which would have made us feel a bit better.'
    That's not really what compensation is for... but hey, who am I to complain?
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    I would say so, because it seems that the horse was acting up before it was hooked up to the carriage. I would sue them for everything they had, personally, if it is true that the incident could reasonably have been foreseen, that could have been my children dead...
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    Rushed to the hospital with cuts and bruises?

    I'm ecstatic to hear they won't be getting compensated, the rider does deserve to be punished for abandoning the carriage too early, however it seems typical of our sue culture that their though is "we could have got a holiday out of this"

    No serious damage has been done, wise up
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    All they should personally get is a refund. Compensation for cuts and bruises? No.

    Compensation should be for people who lose out financially over something not because they want money for a holiday.
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    (Original post by anewman)
    I think the horse should put in a claim for compo for being forced to trot up a dual carriageway.
    I think so too.


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Updated: April 15, 2012
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