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Hillsborough 15th April 1989 remembered

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    Today is the 23rd anniversary of the deaths of 96 people at Hillsborough.

    I thought I should create a thread for anyone who wishes to for contributions and thoughts.

    May the 96 people rest in peace and one day their families and friends have justice.
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    RIP to the 96 who never came home.

    Everton laid a wreath at the Hillsborough memorial last night, very classy. Some things are more important than football.

    Justice for the 96
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    People who negged, jesus. What idiots.

    RIP to the 96 who never made it home.
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    Rest In Peace.
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    I hope their souls are at peace.
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    I would like to know who negged that post. Terrible. RIP to all the 96.
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    Gone, never forgotten. JFT96.
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    Glad Liverpool held a minute silence in Anfield. RIP.
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    Disrespectful at the FA Cup Semi Final. Minority always ruin footballs reputation.

    RIP to the 96
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    RIP to the 96.
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    Rest in peace to the 96.
    Shameful behaviour by those fans that didn't respect the minutes silence.
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    Rest in Peace. JFT96.
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    As I am a mature student I am old enough to remember the day, and how whilst watching a game (almost all games were 3pm kick offs then), we knew very little other than at half time when the scores were announced and that the game had been delayed. It was only on the car journey home that the full horror of what had happened became known.

    In my hope and wish for justice for the 96 and their families, there has always been the feeling in my mind that had it been a different police force, things might have been very different.


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