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    I am having trouble analysing the source "The Philanthropic Highwayman"
    I've sat for ages trying to make out the source by using the show, omit, suggest, nature, origin and purpose technique. I find it easy to use my own knowledge but I'm clueless when it comes to what the actual source shows! could anyone help?
    much appreciated thank you!

    OH and also if anyone could give me any tips as to revising for source questions its just the cartoon and picture ones i struggle with, the written ones I find easy!
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    Is there a question? And what topic are you studying?

    From looking at the source I can see that it's about old-age pension funds. The caption 'I'll make em pity the poor' suggests that the person that drew this is in support of the pensions? Also the man is holding a gun, which could suggest that people are being forced into donating into the fund?

    That's all I can think of, without knowing the question or topic
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    Oh and tips for analysing the sources - remember to always look at the caption! Analyse the background, and just pick out whatever you can see. Also remember to take into account where the source is from e.g magazine / newspaper / propaganda (if it says).

    In history you really just have to pick out whatever you can see then just make a point and explain it as fully as you can, linking to the context aswell :P
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    Is this the British Depthy Study stuff? That picture shows that Lloyd George is a highway man- they were people who stole from on the roads. The source claims he is basically stealing from the rich to collect the taxes. The rich were fully against the Liberal reforms as they feared Britain would become a "nanny state". The purpose of the source was probably to show Lloyd George in a bad light, that he is funding the poor, who were seen as lazy and careless with money, using the wealth of the Rich.
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    Thank you everyone who replied, you helped me a lot! i used most points and got 5/6 marks, I would have received full but i put incorrect own knowledge! Thanks for all the tips too


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