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For UNI students ONLY...How often do your parents call you?

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    Do they call you every single day...like sometimes I ignore their call because i just wnat to be by myself and not talk to anyone://
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    I see my mum every single day :sigh:
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    Lol, never. I always call them. Probably not much as i'm quite independent and do everything myself. My mum I might speak to once a week, sometimes once a fortnight. My dad maybe once a month.
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    Once a week, and I call them. Just so they know I'm not dead.
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    i call them every couple of weeks, normally because i need something.
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    Never really, I email them every couple of weeks, they only really call if I haven't spoken to them in a while.
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    (Original post by didgeridoo12uk)
    i call them every couple of weeks, normally because i need something.
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    Back in my studenty days my parents would call me about once a month.
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    Normally, my parents phone me once a week, just to see how i am etc.

    However, when it comes to myself phoning my parents, i probably phone them once every 3 weeks, and that involves ringing my mum for stuff about cooking!
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    Once a week or so? But I do have three households to ring, which makes life more complicated. Most of our communication is done via email, and that tends to come in fits and bursts, but again probably once a week for that too.
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    (Original post by Casshern1456)
    I see my mum every single day :sigh:
    As do I.

    Hates living at home :cry2:
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    My mom tries and calls once a week and sometimes I will call her if I need to talk. My dad and I email almost everyday and he calls on special holidays.
    It's a shame some of you complain about living at home...haha you will miss it a bit once you move out, trust me. Not preaching or anything, just wish you would enjoy it while it lasts
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    Too often.
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    Maybe once a month? My dad usually wants something random from me once a month, and if they go out for a bit to eat local I coincidentally manage to ring them around half an hour before they leave. Well, if they don;t on a Wednesday, they do on a Friday and as it IS just down the road...
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    Skype once a week. Keeps them happy and no fuss for me.
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    I call everyday ... I think they want their "space" now :sad:
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    They never call me. I call home about once a month on average, which only tends to be if I need something tbh.

    My mum texts me about twice a week though. She usually updates me on the weather at home and asks me what the weather is like at uni.
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    I tend to speak to my mum daily whether it be phone call, facebook, text but mainly because shes really ill, and its the only way i stay sane at uni if i know shes ok.

    My dad, i ignore every call. I go home weekly for work, he can talk to me then. When im at uni that is my time!
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    phone calls 2 or 3 times a week, and Skype once a week!
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    During term time, they call me once a week via Skype.


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