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Was I that bad

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    I'm feeling pretty stupid right now I had a bit too much to drink when thisguy from work approached me (he's come up to me before) anyway we were chatting next thing I'm back at his house

    We attempted sex but he couldn't get it up so i made a comment about was it me and rolled over to sleep we did it in morning but even then it was about two minutes and then he went to sleep

    Ive felt very embarrassedi did this and I saw him at the train station other day and he didn't even say hi (( makes me feel like I was crap in bed or something

    I've been told guys can be funny if they have trouble performing
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    Hi Mightybooshgurl
    Thanks for your post. Things like this are always difficult! Ok, firstly please don't feel stupid. There are many reasons why this could have happened, the most obvious one being that he had been drinking and was tired. He was probably embarrassed himself which would explain why he didn't say hello to you. This is no-ones fault, it's just the way things happen sometimes.
    Just remember to be careful when going back to a guys house. Always tell someone where you are going and only do what you are comfortable with. Remember that drinking can affect you and can impact on your ability to consent to sex.
    Take care


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Updated: April 17, 2012
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