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You win a competition. Prizes are £100 cash, or Free Pizza for a year.

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    I'd pick Pizza. :sogood:

    Cash is cash, you take it, buy some clothes, buy some shoes, buy some perfume, buy some technology, and bam, it's gone. (Well OP was £1000, it's £100 now).

    Pizza for a year, is topped, with meat, and vegetables, it's sexy, it's beautiful, it's mouth-watering, it's cheesy, it's the perfect food, tbh.

    To try and keep this fair, let's say the Pizza was one per day maximum. I'd still pick it, and if I didn't have it, and I probably wouldn't every single day, I could give it to family and friends and students and it would save them cooking, and I could even make money if they gave me like a quid for one.

    I'm quite curious to know what students would pick (hence why I asked on here ), because students eat lots of pizza, but students also could do with a free hundred quid, so which would ya'll pick?
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    Pizza is great, but I really doubt I spend £1000 on pizza in a year. I'd take the grand, and maybe put £200 aside for pizza for the year? (I doubt I even spend that much)
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    Not a massive fan of pizza, I'd go with the cash - at least I can spend it on whatever I want.
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    I think I'd pick the money, I could image the pizza getting boring really quickly and you can do a lot of good with £1000!
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    I'd get so sick of pizza, so quickly.
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    What if it was £100 then? Let's try and balance this, see where the cut-off is.
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    I'd take the grand and have an amazing summer.
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    The pizza is worth more but still. Cash for me.
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    If it was a grand, I'd take the money. If it was £100, I'd pick the pizza.
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    (Original post by -Someone-Like-You-)
    What if it was £100 then? Let's try and balance this, see where the cut-off is.
    I think you've gone too far to the other end, the value of pizza for a year would be much greater than £100!
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    At £1000, I'd take the money. At £100, I'd take the pizza. I suppose the pizza starts to become the weaker option at maybe £200 for me? It's difficult because it's difficult to factor in the fact that, with free pizza for a year, you'd obviously be inclined to go for the pizza more often, so even getting, say, £300 worth of pizza in a year could be less valuable to you than £250 if you wouldn't normally spend £250 on pizza in a year.
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    Pizza, although it depended, would it be of Domino's or Pizza Hut quality or would it simply be a few frozen ones?
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    i would loveeeee pizza :drool:
    though practically, id pick the money...

    then again... if the pizza i can eat is unlimited (i.e. cost of all pizza is more than 100 quid), then i may choose pizza for when im living out of halls next year... assuming i like the pizza and was allowed different kinds of toppings
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    I love pizza, but it's safer for the waist line if I pick the money
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    Pizza of course
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    is this pizza takeaway such as dominos?

    If so for £100 I'd take pizza, £1000 I'd take the money.

    Without an offer on a large dominos pizza is something ridiculous like £15 or so. So lets say one pizza a week, that's already £780 worth of dominos pizza.
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    (Original post by iSMark)
    Pizza, although it depended, would it be of Domino's or Pizza Hut quality or would it simply be a few frozen ones?
    Well, you can't give Dominos, and you can't give Tesco value, so maybe a small Italian fast-food/restaurant shop to meet the quality somewhere in the middle.
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    I'd pick the money. Even if it was only £100, I'd pick the money.

    Not a huge pizza fan. Plus, it's better to have something concrete- what happens if you suddenly develop a hatred of pizza? (unlikely, I know)

    I'd use the money to buy some nice clothes (which I'd probably not fit into if I was eating pizza every day for a year :P)
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    Cash. Pizza has way too much salt and calories to eat that often... I like to keep it as a treat, and that way I'll savour and appreciate it more
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    i dont like pizza...well not dont like... just id rather have a sandwich, a toasted sandwich mmmmmmm.... pizzas are just broken sandwiches they have no lid! :|
    but i could happily buy some shoes !


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