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    close + delete pls
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    (Original post by mangoh)
    Has anyone thought of what happens IF Sony/EMI all the big companies that currently have a deal with Apple to distrubte their songs via iTunes decided one day to stop their partnership?

    Would that mean all the songs that I paid for would disappear from my iTunes account as Apple no longer hold licensing rights?

    Always wondered this.
    Any music you buy from iTunes now is DRM free, there is no way that Apple can revoke your music anymore since it's just a normal AAC audio file. Likewise with Amazon MP3, you literally get normal MP3 files.

    Hope that helps!
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    I highly doubt any of the major labels will pull out of the largest distribution platform on the planet, their sales would go through the floor. That's assuming they're even allowed to, I would assume whatever deals they've signed with Apple keep them locked in indefinitely. It would have to go through the courts in which case and Apple usually win.

    And no, of course they aren't going to take your music back. You bought it legally, just because they are no longer allowed to distribute it doesn't affect the validity of a purchase you made prior to the change.
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    Yep, when HMV go bust we are all going to have to return our purchased CDs and DVDs.

    It will be chaos.


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