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Opinions on these weights

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    started from nothing (no exercise whatsoever, not sure of max weight when started. all I know is I started with 10kg dumbbells for bench press. :unimpressed:

    around 4 - 6 months in what are your opinions on the amount for weight lifted? is it too low for a beginner of my size? not a great diet and not a solid routine, started with a split and finally moved to SS. Not sure if you add the bar lol ???

    weight 50kg and height 5ft6

    Squat 90kg (20kg for bar)
    Bench 60kg (20kg for bar) or 24kg with dumbells
    Deadlift 80kg (20kg for bar)
    seated military press 45kg (10kg bar - smith machine)

    Always inude the weight of the bar.

    Lifts seem good, many stalls yet!

    Damn that's good. What's going on with your deadlift though?

    Good lifts for your size though your deadlift is lagging a bit, with that bench and squat I'd expect somewhere more 120-140kg (inc bar).
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    I'm not too sure, probably to do with not having a spotter so I cant check my form... I would rather lift a lower weight than risk trying to keep getting heavier but using a stupid form and potentially hurting myself. that is probably the reason my dead lift is not bigger...

    I kind of lost hope with the weights since everyone else lifts so much more than me and little changes aesthetically (although 6 months is too soon perhaps?)

    Thanks for your comments guys.

    Can you not film yourself? that way you can check your own form. There's a lot to be said for heavy deadlifting.

    Don't be put off by lifting less than everyone else, you weigh a lot less than most people in the gym. If you think about it in terms of % of body weight lifted then you are doing well

    How many reps? Is your squat 90kg or 110kg?

    it's going well, around my stats, except deadlifts which are much lower for you... i've run SS for 4 months.

    But im 20kg heavier than you so you're doing very good

    good lifts for your weight, stop using a smith machine though


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