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Adult Nursing Sept 2013

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    Hi all,

    Just thought I'd start a thread for September 2013 Nursing applicants... being the eager beaver that I am... Maybe there is already one going.. I dont come on here often! If so let me know!

    I actually began applying last year for September 2012 intake, however due to family complications... and completing my 3rd year of a Psychology degree, I decided to wait it out and apply this year for Sept 13.

    Like I said I am currently completing my 3rd year of a Psychology degree, I wrongly decided on Psychology but have reluctantly stuck it out following advice, which is something I am now regretting! Has anyone else done a second degree? Or in a similar situation?

    Also where is everyone applying? I really want to get into Glam, got a while to go yet mind!


    Jenna x
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    I'm in a similar situation, but only in my first year doing Religion and Philosophy, was advised against applying for nursing as it is competitive, now deciding whether to stick out my course and do nursing later on or drop out now and apply for nursing either taking a gap year to get experience or a late application. x
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    Hello! I'm Grace, I've applied for Adult Nursing at Kingston, Oxford Brookes, City, Hertfordshire and De Montfort!
    I've been offered an interview at Hertfordshire today! It's on Halloween... hoping that's somehow good luck haha
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    Hi Guys,

    Any one applying to Salford, Man Met and Manchester?
    I have nearly finished my ucas application for adult nursing for the intake in september 2013. Has anyone been for an interview yet as some people have sent theres off already. and the deadline is on the 15th of january. so ive got a couple of days left just waiting for my reference I have attended salford open day adult nursing and manchester met adult nursing open day. if anyone would like to know how they were then feel free to ask me! .

    Kind regard's.


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Updated: January 6, 2013
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