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What is your 'Most Annoying Medical admissions Interview...ever!'?

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    (Original post by CraigKirk)
    No... Maybe I'm lucky, but all of my interviewers were very professional. There was one interviewer at Manchester who was very blatantly rude during the MMI, but us candidates discussed it afterwards and agreed that it must have been to pressure us.
    I also expereinced that rude interviewer at my manc interview. He kept looking through my personal statement, over my shoulders and even pretended to doze off whilst i was talking to him about my work xp. I remember wanting to punch his nose off his face

    (Original post by Sherbet)
    I wasn't really on here then, I've just come back from my ski season and as I'm unemployed I'm now wasting loads of my time on here lol. I have a couple of people on Facebook, but no one on here. Yes my name begins with C haha.

    Who's rozca?

    (Original post by CraigKirk)
    I'm not sure that she'd want me to reveal her identity, but you can member search her and send her a PM if you'd like. Sounds like you've had fun! I'm still employed and studying AS levels, so I have plenty to pass the time by!

    EDIT: oops, meant to quote you here:
    hi guys this was weird to stumble upon! woa its nearly 2 am and im on tsr :-o as you can tell im really bored and cant wait till sept to start at manc!!

    (Original post by rozca)
    hi guys this was weird to stumble upon! woa its nearly 2 am and im on tsr :-o as you can tell im really bored and cant wait till sept to start at manc!!
    It seems like everyone I've kept in touch with has picked Manc, I'm the odd one out lol.

    I know this is an old(ish) thread and proberbly the wrong place to ask (but i can't find anywhere else), but could someone tell me, in fair detail, what the interveiws in scotland were like? I know Dundee have some rotation situation type thing, but im not sure if others do this or what it is realy like. Also is there a large expectation to know all the up to date medical news and issues? I have been spending hours trying to understand and interact with medical isseus but am finding it difficult.

    This isn't really a question, but one of my interviewers simply said "You didn't do the Duke of Edinburgh Award..." then just sort of stopped, I had no idea if she wanted me to speak or if she was leading onto a question and there was just an awkward silence before I responded


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Updated: June 19, 2012
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