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Twitter or Facebook? And why?

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    I want to know which you use more from your a. your computer and b. your phone and for what...status/photos/IM

    The way I see it, Twitter is now gaining popularity for status updates and Facebook remains the format of choice for sharing albums of photographs and instant messaging.

    But there's this new form of "public conversation" that seems to be happening a lot. People like talking to other people and having everyone else be able to read it.

    Open format seem to be the future. Facebook is a mostly closed social network whereas Twitter is open. (When I say 'open' and 'closed' I mean privacy-wise; nothing to do with source code). Its interesting how Facebook has made several attempts to increase the amount that is shared by default when you sign up for Facebook...these are attempts to make their network more open. Also, I personally think Facebook bought Instagram to stop Twitter from buying them. Instagram is an open network for photos and it is the natural step for Twitter now.

    Anyway...Id love you hear your thoughts.
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    I generally prefer Twitter because I can follow people and stuff which interests me and you can tweet whenever you want. Facebook is good though because of friends that live around the world etc. I prefer Twitter overall because in my eyes they are safer and they don't make you sign up for loads of other stuff like Facebook does.
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    Facebook, particularly with Timeline, is like a story of my life. It's something I add photos, videos, music to, post notes and thoughts/ideas about, update status every now and then when I'm at a cool place or fancy gathering some input or having a chat. I also play the odd game on there, but I mean like an hour a week!

    Twitter is more updating people on stuff I'm doing day-to-day - I use this more for putting ideas out there to my Course Reps at university, keeping them up-to-date on things happening in the School stuff I'm doing which students have asked for, having short conversations, lobbying my local MPs without getting into a debate etc. It's a much better, clearer and more concise way of keeping up-to-date with companies, individuals, groups and so forth.

    In terms of open/closed conversations, I'm happy for people to see what I'm chatting about a lot of the time, and I find it's a far more accessible way of students getting in touch with me about things using both Facebook and Twitter. If I want a private conversation, I'll do it over email or Facebook private messages, or SMS or phone call or coffee etc. Generally, having conversations out in the open can benefit others and me by say not answering the same thing twice, keeping people up-to-date all at once etc.
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    Firstly I am not a stalker so basically Twitter isn't for me and I also like to see the story of my life on timeline I constantly go back to the months when I had my GCSE's and all I was doing is putting up statuses left, right and centre
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    Both, Facebook to keep in touch with people (especially friends I've made on trips to other countries), stalking crushes/ex-boyfriends, and Facebook chat's the new MSN really.

    What I like about Twitter is the trending topics, you can really get involved with stuff + learn the news directly from the public. It was really useful during the Arab Spring, London riots and even viral stuff like Samantha Brick...
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    They have their individual uses.

    Facebook remains an integral point of sharing, whether that's photos, discussions, groups or your average status.

    Twitter on the other hand is far more entrenched in real time data; if there's an unexpected tube closure, the death of a celebrity, a photograph of a meal you've had out.

    In all honesty I find twitter a tad banal, and it's not for everyone. I do have one, but it's rarely used.
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    Twitter, facebook is too distracting i find. TSR is the best though
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    Twitter. I seem to prefer talking to people I don't know, meeting new people there, etc over the people I know on Facebook, but that's more because for the past few months I've been in that mood where people I know have been really annoying. I've met some great people on Twitter too. Can't say much for the trends though - it's nice when bloody Bieber and One Direction aren't trending.
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    Twitter is far better. As I don't know 9/10 of my followers, they can't judge me, or comment on something, and you can get far better advice for things due to the increased number and opinions available.

    For example, yesterday I was asking about university options, when two people doing the subject I want to study at the university I am looking at started talking to me, and gave me some great advice.

    Also, you don't have the drama of Facebook... I don't find out who is now "in a relationship" on Twitter, nor do I see hopeless and subtle hints as to who is into who etc...

    So, yeah, Twitter FTW! @LukeSmithF1 if you're there
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    (Original post by JordanS94)
    Firstly I am not a stalker so basically Twitter isn't for me and I also like to see the story of my life on timeline I constantly go back to the months when I had my GCSE's and all I was doing is putting up statuses left, right and centre
    That's the reason alone I'm against timeline. It's becoming incredibly invasive in my opinion, and I'd rather people didn't know my entire life story. I've thought about leaving facebook before, but as it stands, I'm considering leaving as soon as timeline gets added to my profile.
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    Lol jk. Facebook.
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    (Original post by ritchie888)

    Lol jk. Facebook.
    I just find Google+ hilarious lol

    NOTHING which Google offers apart from Google Search is something unique. I mean obviously the search is unsurpassed and unbeatable but still... I guess Gmail is sort of unique in the sense that it offers mail, calendar and contacts in an exchange-like server and its nice and clean and fast.
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    (Original post by Vazzyb)
    The way I see it, Twitter is now gaining popularity for status updates and Facebook remains the format of choice for sharing albums of photographs and instant messaging.
    Would defiantly agree, I moved to twitter for the banter really, as getting older I have more adult friends and such so twitter was nice as just me and a couple of friends got twitter and we could all just have some banter without telling all our facebook 'friends'

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    Twitter because I can meet like-minded people with my interests, become friends with strangers, and broadcast my thoughts without having to second-guess what some of my ****er friends are going to comment.

    Though I have to say, Twitter was far far better around 2008/09 just before it hit critical mass, as the average demographic at the time was markedly different being mostly early adopters and tech enthusiasts. Now it's a lot more blah and searching is a less useful tool unless the parameters are really specific due to the quantity of tweets.
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    Facebook. I've tred twitter a few times, I've desperately wanted to get into it, but I just can't write short snapy lines. Instead I spend about 5 minutes trying to whittle a tweet down to the character limit and still say what I want to. Defeats the whole object of Tweeting if you ask me. It's far easier just to put it on Facebook where the only limit is my imagination.

    Oh and I like pictures and love the timeline feature, I love looking back and going "oh my, as if I ever said that" it's fun.

    Has anyone dared to look at their old myspace profile recently? I had a look at mine a few weeks ago and was amazed...the last time anyone wrote on my wall(?) was 3 years ago...but I read back over some stuff....I appear to have grown up so much

    It's worth a giggle and a cringe!
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    Mh, would I be wrong to say neither? I've never had twitter, but I have had facebook since 2007. But with time I've come to realize that I don't like the whole world knowing so much about me. Right now I've blocked most options on my account, and I think you can barely see anything on it. [Even if we're friends.] But when I graduate, I plan on disactivating it completely.
    [But then again, I'll see. It's good to contact people from a long time ago so...]
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    Deleted my facebook account as they are too powerful,
    Use Twitter as is much more interesting to use!
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    Dislike both; not my flavour.
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    too many twitters make a tw*t


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