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Tips for GCSE French Higher Listening?

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    Hey there.

    I have a French Higher Listening exam on Monday 14th May and I just know I'm going to struggle with it!

    Does anyone have any advice or any practice papers/resources I could use? It'd be much appreciated by me and anyone who needs helps on this too.

    And lastly, who else is doing it? How are you feeling for it?

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    What grade are you aiming for? I got Spanish on that day :/
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    I'm hoping to at least get a B or higher but I'm so bad at it, I'll be lucky to get a C so... haha. What grade are you aiming for?

    Awh I always wanted to do Spanish, I was so annoyed when I was made to do French. :/
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    Hi, I am sitting the same exam as well as Higher Reading 3 days following that. I achieved an A* in my controlled assessments of speaking and writing - so thats probably why.

    I have found revision on both Linguascope and practice on past papers to be very successful. A lot of it is down to key words, especially adverbs and adjectives. It will be vital to learn these vastly, but you must also get the hang of the pronunciation I guess.

    My suggestion then, is to request for access to Linguascope possibly through your school, or try past papers from the AQA GCSE French website and note down words you come across that you may struggle on whislt you're going through the past papers.

    Best of luck
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    Ah same here! I have Higher Reading 3 days later too, and I've also got A* in my controlled assessments, it's just the Listening I'm so bad at.

    Oh okay, great, I'll speak to my French tomorrow and I'll have a go at some past papers.

    Thanks for the advice, it's much appreciated!
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    No problem. I just think it is essential to note down key words that you may get caught on - especially ones that have appeared frequently over past papers in recent years - I have found them to be of great use. Even in questions I may not have a clue about, especially multiple choice, the key words are of great help
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    I've got mine that day aswell,aqa?
    Also I'm on roughly an A* with my controlled speaking and writing coursework and I'm scared that my reading and listening grade will drag my overall grade down. I want to do a level french and in my sixth form they only take an A at gcse. I've tried learning vocab etc, but nothing seems to be sinking in. I take spanish aswell, and I am confusing myself with the vocab in each language. Any suggestions on how to cope would be appreciated.
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    Hmm, I agree it can be quite odd if certain vocab doesn't sink in. Perhaps try revising specific words you have been caught out on everyday? Sometimes, just saying it in your head can make an impact, it has for me any way. Don't stress though - in my opinion its never too late to learn a lot more. Good luck.
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    Other than just practise, practise, practise, try and work on your pronunciation. This actually really helps with the listening.

    I found when I was learning french, I had a very english accent so I could only really talk to and understand english people that were speaking french rather than french people talking french. After improving my speaking, my listening improved also. If you know what the words should sound like, listening should come more natural to you.

    Also, try and look out for keywords, rather than understanding everthing.

    Good luck!
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    yeah suppose, thank you. also i have my last oral exam next monday and I have only learnt 2 out of the 9 questions. I never normally struggle with remembering things, but lately i have alot on and i was just wondering if you have any memory techniques?
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    Possibly get yourself in the mindset that you won't give up trying remember a specific word until it sinks in? Eventually you will remember them
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    thank you guys, I'll need as much help as I can x
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    Thanks so much for all of the advice guys, and I've taken your advice Wawasan and started to note keywords which is good as well to help me for my reading.

    fatpat I know what you mean! I understand my teacher when she speaks French, and then the tape comes on and I don't understand a thing! I'll have a go at my speaking again then, thanks for the advice.

    nancyfitzsimons, I'm in the exact same situation too! I'm on roughly an A* on my controlled assessments as well and I really don't want listening to drag my grade down. And yeah we're AQA too. For memory techniques, I normally start with two sentences at a time, mainly those that relate with each other so like if two are about hot weather, learn those two together etc. Saying them out loud a few times with notes and then without is helpful. I can't believe you have to do 9! I only had to do 5 and then a question I wasn't expecting, do you get an unpredictable question?
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    yeah mediterrasian, we're in the same situation here and yeah, i have 7 questions that we have to learn and 2 surprise questions. I really want to do well in french.
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    it might also be helpful to get yourself into an understanding of the type of questions that will be coming your way - thy are always the same, so try past papers and those questions will be quite straightforward in the real thing
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    nancyfitzsimons -At least it's one of the first exams so we get it out the way. Awh I'm sure you'll do great! Is it speaking or writing?

    Wawasan -Yes, I was just thinking that! I think I'll give some a go after school tomorrow. You have really been helpful, thank you so much!
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    Visit: http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebit...ench/mockexam/

    and download and then do the Foundation & Higher tier mock exams from Bitesize.

    They seem to have helped me, good luck for May
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    That's great, thank you so much!
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    (Original post by Mediterrasian)
    That's great, thank you so much!
    No problem. I'm doing the Higher ones tonight
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    I think I'll do the same, thanks again. What are you hoping to get in the exam?


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