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Towelling ONSIE

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    Hey guys...

    What does anyone think about a onsie you put on after coming out of the shower or bath or at the swimming pools say... that dry's you. a bit like a microfibre towel that you just wap on and can sit around in.

    Just wanted to get feedback for a course that a friend of mine is doing.

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    No. If the question is 'would I buy one?' then it is definitely, absolutely and unquestionably a no. Unless it was for some dodgy fancy dress costume, or a joke present for someone's birthday (like the mankini), then the idea get's upgraded to 'probably not'.
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    Initial thoughts: what's wrong with an actual towel?
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    Probably not, I love my onesie to chill in but a towel one you would have to take off as soon as you're dry as it'd be all wet so you may as well just use a normal towel.


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Updated: April 18, 2012
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