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What are the most beautiful things in the world (nature)?

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    I love everything about nature. I express it in art, and I mostly paint/pastel flowers, meadows, the sky, and waters. It's a rather tough question, isn't it? Everything is quite beautiful once you find the beauty...
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    (Original post by 99luft Balons)
    Looks like heaven on earth.I'm guessing that's Pakistan??

    (Original post by PinfulTommy93)
    Iran is probably the most natural beautiful country on Earth IMO. It is so diverse, ranging from mountains to flat meadows with pretty much everything in between.

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    Siberian Tiger

    Polar bear



    Killer Whale

    White owl


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    ..im loving this thread!!! ahh nature is so beautiful! for me, nothing beats a beach with no foot prints ahhh
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    (Original post by shy-girl666)
    your mom's chest hair!!

    sorry couldn't risist that one x
    Not so shy afterall are you? learn to spell

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    Bees making honey


    Shooting star

    Partial Solar Eclipse

    Biggest full moon

    Double rainbow
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    (Original post by g_star_raw_1989)
    Cannabis plants :gangster:
    What a tool.
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    bump! this thread was gorgeous
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    The moon, its soo simple yet so stunning, like sometimes i just go outside and stare at it, its luminosity just ignites a flame inside me.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	beautiful_moon.jpg 
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