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Resolution 2012/05 - Readdressing the issue of chocolate

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    The text has not been amended to also include the beneficial effects of exercise and the consumption of chocolate as part of a health diet and therefore the MHoC will abstain.
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    Zimbabwe will be abstaining this vote as Zimbabwe feels not enough has been done to ensure the western oppressors do not take advantage of this motion by holding countries that have cocoa as a cash crop to ransom. We feel that our good friends Russia are too trusting of the imperialist countries.
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    Lithuania has abstained this motion as we feel our initial concerns were ignored by Russia and the rest of the Assembly. The UN has failed to ensure that safe guards will be made for those countries that depend on the cocoa beans as a main export as to stop multinationals from exploiting cocoa farmers in the developing world. We feel other nations have forgotten the levels of exploitation saw in the chocolate industry in the late 20th century and early 21st century. And although unfair trade in the production of chocolate has decreased, many corporations still exploit poor cocoa farmers at worrying rates. If this motion is passed without ensuring safe guards in the fair trading of cocoa beans, then we will start to see massive economic problems in nations that depend on the production of cocoa. This may lead to a real risk in severe hardship for cocoa farmers that are already below the poverty line and may lower their quality of living further from their already sub-standard levels.

    Lithuania further states that Russia's failure to acknowledge the points made by the pannel is further proof of the Russian Federation's unwillingness to have any form of concern for nations other that itself.
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    Yes lol, India could do with some more chocolate.
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    Libya abstains for similar reasons to Lithuania: the sweetness of chocolate does not outweigh the trade needs of our African brothers.
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    Chocolate melts too fast in Saudi Arabia so we say no
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    Turkey believes chocolate is not an important issue thus abstains.
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    This vote has finished, the resolution has passed!

    [ooc] A poor voting turn out. I'm very disapointed. [/ooc]


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Updated: April 28, 2012
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