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On degree grading

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    So I was, out of interest, working out what I need to get a first over the year (only the first year).

    I'm pretty solidly on a first at the moment, in 3 modules, but on one I'm a bit weaker (66). If I get the same over the exams, I'll end up with a 69.5.

    Maybe I'm being a bit silly here - but it seems very harsh to give someone who's scored a first in 3/4 of the modules and got just under a first a 2:1, lumping them in with the people who may have got, say, 65s in all four. Surely they'd round it up, or is it really strict?

    I'm only bothered as I want to apply to do postgrad, which I know already, and getting a 1st in my 1st year will help me with my application.
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    Most unis have a system of some kind whereby getting a certain grade in a certain number of modules, whilst not falling below a certain grade in others allows you to get that grade.

    This is for overall degree grade though and, as well all know far too well, your Fresher year doesn't count at all towards this and you only need (f**k it) 40%, so I'm not sure what the situation would be. Check your department's handbook, it'll be long and boring but should say what the situation is at your uni.
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    You're in first year, they're not going to round it up - it's pointless for them to do that when it doesn't count for anything. Your module grades, however, will show up in your transcript so any universities you apply to for postgrad will see this thus they will see that in 3 out of 4 modules, you gained a first. You're not really being 'lumped' with anyone because you haven't finished your degree. You've done well and your grades won't negatively affect your chances of getting on to postgrad.


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