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What happened to me last night?

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    I was getting ready for bed, washed my face, brushed my teeth, then went to the loo. Then I sat in bed for a bit reading a book because I wasn't sleepy.

    5 mins later I had this really bad pain down below, like a burning sensation, like I needed the loo again. I went but nothing came out even though I felt that I really needed to pee. It was really itchy too but obv couldn't itch it because it really hurt. I went back in bed and started shaking, or trembling uncontrollably, it was like intense shivering but I wasn't cold at all. I put the duvet round me but it didn't help. It was mainly my legs arms and chest which was shaking it was really strange. I could breathe ok though.

    I think it was a panic attack, because I tremble uncontrollably when I have had panic attacks in the past. But I haven't had a panic attack in ages, and when I've had them in the past, my mind goes crazy and it takes me ages to calm down. Mainly because I have emetophobia (fear of vomiting) but last night I didn't feel nauseous or sick at all. I felt normal apart from the really bad pain down below and the trembling/shaking.

    But is it normal to have that pain during a panic attack?
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    You know that really sounds like something you need to talk to your doctor about, not to trust the unprofessional opinions of internet folk...
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    Rigors, water infection
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    I'd see the doctor for a urine test. It sounds like you may have a urine infection which would be easily treated. If you take a sample with you they can often do a dip stick test there and then.
    You can also discuss your other concerns when you are there.
    Hope you feel better soon.
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    Water infection.


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