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Is it possible to self-teach A-Level history in a year?

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    We don't have the option to study A-level in colleges if you are over a certain age so I am going to be taking an access course.
    These are great, but sometimes universities don't favour them (as you may know).

    One of my favourite uni's (Warwick) has replied that the only way to really strengthen my application is by also studying History at A-level & obtaining an A grade (this is alongside the access course!!).

    This would take a lot of work, but I wondered if you think it's possible? Do you think I can teach myself at home and then take the AS units in January? I have no idea of the way A-levels are taught but I feel distance learning doesn't always help without a proper tutor either *sigh*.

    I'm not sure what to do, I'm trying to figure out if it's worth it.

    Any advice would be great

    Thanks x
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    Is it easy to sort out sitting the exams? I was considering retaking a couple of my A-level exams, but I left college 2 years ago!
    I'm at university at the moment, but I want to switch course and restart next year. If they don't allow me to then i'd leave now and retake a couple of exams, then reapply.
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    It would be super hard on top of an access course (I'm guessing that's pretty demanding) without a teacher to chivvy you along and see you're on the right lines with regards to the AQA-style for essays....plus coursework...but not impossible. You wouldn't have any pauses where you could slack off, I don't think. Good luck if you decide to go for it :-)
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    I know someone who tried to do this and she struggled. Have you looked at Warwick's part-time Historical Studies degree? You can do this degree in 4 years (minimum) rather than 3 and they may offer some leniency with entry requirements.
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    Can you not enroll at your local college and attend their AS and A level classes?

    Perhaps if you can afford it, go to a private college and do A level one year intensive?
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    In terms of content I'd say it was, but you need someone to set and moreimportantly mark your essays so you know you're doing the right thing. As well as mark and submit your coursework. An intensive course would be best...
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    Thanks everyone

    Just want to say: another university (my 1st choice) has just emailed me and advised that they in no way expect A-level as well as access & they consider mature students in a completely different way; it seems as though they separate mature applicants & have a complete different system.

    They also advised that they view a single A-level history qualification in the same light as a whole access course So if I wanted to enter via that way then I would stand as much chance

    This was such a relief, after looking at the work involved for an A-level, I was really down in the dumps. I was panicking, worried that universities may treat applicants the same and I was going to seriously struggle.

    Anyway, I've decided to discount Warwick and concentrate on the other universities I'm interested in.

    I'm also going to stick to access; purely to allow me the chance to study other subjects I enjoy

    Thanks for all your replies though


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Updated: April 17, 2012
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