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FC Bayern München vs Real Madrid CF - UCL Semi-Final 1st Leg

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    Ribery holding an underrage girl's hand. awkward.
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    2-1 Bayern. Madrid have been shaky lately so I think Bayern will dominate.
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    Been waitng for this Fixture for too long, so excited :gah:
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    Come on, Bayern.
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    Ozil, Di Maria and Benzema are looking dangerous here.
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    Good move by Real but a very poor shot from Benzema.
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    Howard Webb looks overwhelmed
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    Good call by Howard Webb.
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    Good call
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    Ribery ftw.
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    Well you have to take your chances...Game on!
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    Cracking, the Germans generate an atmosphere.
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    2-1 Madrid, lads.
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    when's kickoff?
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    (Original post by KCosmo)
    when's kickoff?
    20 minutes ago...
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    (Original post by KCosmo)
    when's kickoff?
    About 20 minutes ago.
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    I reckon Robben gives Bayern the edge over Real in terms of counter-attacking.
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    Schweinsteiger's shot should've tested Cassillas from there.
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    (Original post by Birdman1234567)
    I reckon Robben gives Bayern the edge over Real in terms of counter-attacking.
    Coentrao is a very quick full back, but Robben is bursting past him. It looks like Ramos is going to have a busy night covering him.


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