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FC Bayern München vs Real Madrid CF - UCL Semi-Final 1st Leg

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Competition: win a karting session for you and seven mates! 24-07-2015
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    (Original post by In2deep)
    Imagine them all drifting to the left wing :rofl:

    Robben is up for sale and he won't be as expensive as people imagine, still, there is close to zero chance Wenger will go for him.
    thats what i dont understand walcott is rather incosistent and you need a proven winger. Would be great the dutch chemistry.

    with wenger its 50/50 with brilliance and arrogance
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    Just got in. Has it been an enjoyable game thus far?
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    Rare to see Alonso making a mistake like that...
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    Is Gomez this clumsy with the ball?

    Some really bad first touches at times.
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    Very unlike Ronaldo to miss that
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    Ronaldo probably should have scored in the first place, great play though.
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    Don't believe Ronaldo missed a one on one. Lucky it still ended in a Madrid goal.
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    Very poor defending there.
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    Great composure by Ozil.
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    Madrid :facepalm2:
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    What catastrophically bad defending that was...
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    Schweinsteiger coming off, he's been below par but it's understandable considering he's just come back from injury. Was a risk playing him.
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    Gomez :facepalm2:
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    Both these teams absolutely love cynical fouls to stop counter attacks.
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    Ugh how long until we can get rid of Benzema? He's atrocious :facepalm2:
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    What a miss that was. One would have expected Gomez to put that away...
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    Shocking miss from Gomez. Like 6 yards out.
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    Gomez is having an awful match. :facepalm2:
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    Awful from Gomez... again


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Updated: April 19, 2012
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