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Chelsea vs Barcelona 1st leg Hype & Discussion Thread

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    Whos going to win this first leg?

    I say 3-1 to chelsea. Purely because we are playing at home, and over the last 10 game we showed unbelievable performance without a proper manager.
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    (Original post by ChelseaFCCC)
    Whos going to win this first leg?

    I say 3-1 to chelsea. Purely because we are playing at home, and over the last 10 game we showed unbelievable performance without a proper manager.
    I thought Terry was the manager?
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    I'm going to put on a treble, so hopefully that should give you some indication of my prediction:

    - Chelsea to win or draw in the 90
    - Under 4.5 cards in the game
    - Neither team to get a total of 7 corners i.e. if it's 6-6 in corners, my bet still wins

    Slightly over 5/1
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    Barcelona are in a different league, chelsea might have won the first round (luckily) but next leg you will see the difference in ability.
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    hard one to call. I got a feeling chelsea could nick this but they need to produce one hell of a performance. Cech, JT, Cole, Lamps, Mata, and Drogba need to be on top of their game. I'd actually throw torres on in that game to. Could cause a few problems. Michael Essien could be a huge factor in what way the game goes to. Can see cole getting the better of messi but that we git, will always have one moment of brilliance throughout the game and that could determine the result. Chelsea to win at home 1-0. Feed drogba and he will score lol
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    I think (and hope) Chelsea will nick it, at home at least.
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    Everything logical about me says Barcelona should smash it, but Chelsea have been very stubborn in the CL so I think they may win the home leg.
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    The midget and his clan of warrior probably might not win at the bridge since Terry the manager and will order his troops to park the team bus :holmes:
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    Erm, I think Chelsea are going to get absolutely battered personally. It's a shame Luiz isn't playing, really wanted to see him showing off with the ball versus Barca's high pressure.

    I'm happy for Chelsea to win though (not the tournament, just the round!)
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    Who is at home tonight? Chelsea I believe.

    If Terry plays up to scratch I feel he can snuff out Messi, laugh if you like but JT is bang in form in the last 3 weeks. He was immense in the semi.

    Lets not forget only 2 years ago, it was Chelsea who were robbed by what I consider to be corrupt officiating in the CL semi.
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    Prediction 1-0 Chelsea
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    Chelsea 1-0 Barcelona
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    2-1 Chelsea. Drogba will bully Puyol, Pique and particularly Mascherano - he should have had a hat-trick last time he played against them.
    At the Nou Camp I can see Barca overturning it though and winning like 3-1.
    Drogba is massive for Chelsea in this tie, if he can get under Barca's skin (they don't have the best defence) Chelsea have a huge chance.

    Stamford Bridge needs to be bouncing too on Wednesday though. When United beat Barca 1-0 in 2008 Old Trafford was as loud as I've ever heard a football stadium in this country in recent years and it made a huge difference. As a Utd fan when we beat Chelsea in the first leg of the quarter final last year I was so happy with how quiet their fans were for such a big game! At this stage of the season in such big games it makes an immense difference if your fans can get right behind you.
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    (Original post by car54)
    Who is at home tonight? Chelsea I believe.
    the game is tomorrow.
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    Bukhari:V4B52N182-4 "Allah's Apostle invoked evil upon the infidels, saying, 'O Allah! The revealer of the Holy Book, defeat these people and shake them. Fill the infidels' houses and graves with fire.'"
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    1st leg: Chelsea: 0 Barcelona 2
    2nd leg: Barcelona:3 Chelsea:1

    1st leg: Chelsea 1-0 Barcelona
    2nd leg: Barcelona 2-0 Chelsea.


    1st leg: Chelsea 1-1 Barcelona
    2nd leg: Barcelona 1-0 Chelsea
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    If Barcelona manage to score first, then I imagine it could become a rout because Chelsea would then be forced out of their usual 'park the bus' tactic against them. However if the chelsea scores first, I think they'll probably park the plane as well and settle for a 1-0 lead into the nou camp. Its either going to be a simple 1-0 win to chelsea, a thrashing scoreline by barcelona or 0-0. Take your pick, personally I would go for a 0-0 scoreline as the likeliest.
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    I'm going with 1-1 for the first leg. 2 - 0 to Barcelona at the Camp Nou.
    Can see it being a boring game, every time i get hyped up to watch what i think will be a good match it always turns out to be a rather dull affair.

    Lampard will score a penalty. Standard
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    Chelsea 1-3 Barcelona
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    2-1 barca in first leg.
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