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Chelsea vs Barcelona 1st leg Hype & Discussion Thread

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    (Original post by Colbert)
    Yep apart from the numerous open goal chances they gifted, it was rock solid. Agreed.
    I think you may need to review your definition of an "open goal". But whatever, haters gon' hate.
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    (Original post by Isometrix)
    I think you may need to review your definition of an "open goal". But whatever, haters gon' hate.
    Yup. I've been saying this for the past week. We can do it thats for sure, our players stepped up nicely.
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    scoreless second leg. you heard it here first
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    Just stuck a fiver on Chelsea to win at 9/1. I reckon those are pretty good odds for something that isn't at all out of the question. Was very surprised to see Messi is 4/1 to score a hatrick!
Updated: April 23, 2012
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