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Chelsea vs Barcelona 1st leg Hype & Discussion Thread

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    (Original post by Mr Tough)
    unlikely, referees cower before barcelona, casually hand them penalties for no reason

    # bring back Pierluigi Collina!
    that my friend is a notorious lies and propaganda promoted by the real madrid camp.this season barca have won 6 penalties one of them VERY dubious (if you want to check its the levente vs barca match last weekend) and have 3 penalties against them.On the other hand madrid have won 11 penalties and only been penalized once! and that was last week! they went 44 games without committing a single pen!
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    (Original post by Sprocket25)
    Chelsea to win 1-0. They key will be to prevent an away goal
    I can't see Barcelona not scoring in either leg.
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    Chelsea 1 - 1 Barca

    Lampard to score for chelsea and an Ivanovic own goal from sanchez shot for barca. then at the camp nou barca will win 4-1. Watch.
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    I'll go with:

    Chelsea 1-2 Barcelona (Lampard, Alexis Sanchez, Messi).
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    Let's get one thing out of the way right now—Chelsea will not win at Camp Nou. The Catalans are far too fierce a side, and far too comfortable in the warm embrace of their home to let a mammoth upset like that happen.
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    Not bothered but Chelsea getting raped will amuse me.

    I reckon 3-1 to Barca.
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    (Original post by Zerforax)
    Lol I can't see Barca losing by 4 or 5 goals

    They are but as a team would you give up? I think it would take Abramovich's influence, him to say forget the CL and get top4 for CL next season - otherwise a strong team will go out in the 2nd leg in the minor and potentially vain hope of making the final.
    Either I've misread your post or you've stated it wrong.

    Surely they wouldn't rest players for the Arsenal game if they did lose by 4-5 goals (because they have nothing left to play for in the CL)?
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    I was right last night with a 2-1 home win prediction in favour of Bayern. Tonight is more complicated, it depends a lot on how the ref plays the game, if he is the type to wave play on and is strict in dealing with tactical fouls then a Barca win is inevitable, if he is more lenient though then I could see a home win. I think Chelsea are no longer capable of seriously challenging Barcelona and they need some serious improvements over the summer not to mention some serious luck to win this tie.

    1-0 home win is my prediction.
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    (Original post by Zerforax)
    Alonso was from the Basque region, so if anything shouldn't have gone to Real Madrid (since they are hated).

    Was just making a point that 3 players, who were arguably the best or among the best for their English teams, made the move across to Spain, which made the top2 in Spain stronger and the English clubs weaker.

    Tbfh, very few British players leave England.
    Yeh I see your point but then it could be argued that it was actually the team's inability to keep their players attracted to them... Therefore making them move for better prospects elsewhere.

    tbf, we all knew Fabregas would be moving one day and likewise, it could be argued that Barcelona got back what belonged to them in the first place (without sounding arrogant) and it was Arsenal that stole them in the first place. Although I could see it being followed by "but Arsenal matured him"

    I would agree, but it could be said that there are so few teams out of England that actually want English players. The last two I heard were Michael Owen and Beckham and right now Bale. Other than that, not much.
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    I'm feeling 2-1 to Barca. Will quote myself with self-congratulations if I'm right.
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    messi hat trick highly likely :rofl:
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    Unlike some people I don't think it is going to be a massacre, I see it as a 1-1 draw or 2-1 to Barca.
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    Barcelona will score 4.
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    I can't really see anything else besides a Barcelona win...I think they'll go for a handful of away goals to kill the semi-final off. Thus meaning that they can just concentrate on the Clasico.

    I'm unsure on who I'd like to see win. I want Madrid (or Munich if they go through) to win the Champions League. However, Barcelona deserve to be in the final, they are undoubtedly one of the greatest teams ever. Hopefully, the referee wont make any stupid decisions (either way) and we can just see a brilliant game of football! Let the best team win.
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    Messi has so far this season scored as many goals (63) as Chelsea's top-6 scorers Sturridge-Lampard-Mata-Drogba-Torres-Kalou. Prolific.
    Interesting stats :holmes:
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    Barcelona line-up (official): Valdes - Alves Mascherano Puyol Adriano - Xavi Busquets Iniesta - Alexis Messi Cesc
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    Bring it on :teeth:
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    Chelsea starting line up: Cech; Ivanović, Cahill, Terry, Cole; Lampard, Obi Mikel, Meireles; Ramires, Mata y Drogba
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    I suppose that's the best team we could've hoped to put out without Luiz. Thank god there's no Bosingwa...
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    Hope John Terry is wearing his nappies tonight

    (Original post by KingMessi)
    I suppose that's the best team we could've hoped to put out without Luiz. Thank god there's no Bosingwa...
    Where would he have played? :holmes:
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