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Who are these people?

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    All I see now on Facebook is stupid photos with captions like "Like in 3 seconds if you remember this", and the people who upload these photos have hundreds of thousands of subscribers. But, who the hell are these people and where did they come from? :s They only seem to be on Facebook to get "likes" and subscribers. Are they some sort of advertisement team?
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    Possibly. I just ignore them though.
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    Sound like ****ing idiots.

    Probably are ****ing idiots.
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    I think they're "internet famous" people who post generic crap that everyone else knows yet are somehow popular. The likes of Jamie Ryan Dee (Jamjars) and Kingsley, who appear to possess little genuine talent or likeable qualities. I assume Jamjars is popular for looks, which somehow makes the fact that he sells t-shirts with his face on and posts naked pictures online perfectly fine when all it does is make him look pathetic. Kingsley is even more of an enigma - I don't understand how he's popular. He's incredibly annoying and nothing he says is original.

    So to answer your question, these are people who have loads of followers/subscribers on Facebook, possibly because of looks, yet don't post anything original at all because people basically lap it up.


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Updated: April 17, 2012
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