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Can you help me with my english literature unit 1 exam

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    Hello, i am currently in year 11 at school and i have my exams for literature in just over a month. I am fairly confident with unit 2 because i understand how to answer the poetry questions which i learnt for my exam last year.

    However, my teacher this year hasn't explained to me how to answer the questions in the unit 1 exam which is on modern texts. I have studied 'Mister Pip' and 'Inspector Calls' and i have good knowledge on them and understand them very well. I believe i could get a decent grade in my exam but the problem is i don't know how to answer the questions asked, i may know the answers but dont know how to write them down.

    So, what i am asking is how do i structure my answers for sections A and B in the literature unit 1 exam? How many paragraphs do i write for each section and what do i write in each paragraph? Do i PEE?
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    Which exam board are you on? I'll have a look online for some past papers, and I'll try and help you with your answer structures.
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    I can't help specifically as it's been a while since I did English, but P.E.E. works for ALL essays.

    The number of paragraphs depends on how many points you have and the amount of time you have for each question.


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