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Glasgow VS Strathclyde VS Edinburgh for Biology, Advice Please! :)

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    Basically I'm having major issues trying to decide which uni to go to. I have to say I went to open days for Edinbugh, Glasgow and Strathclyde and to be honest I loved Edinburgh and Glasgow, hated Strathclyde, mainly because the buildings weren't as nice as other uni's!

    I've been given;

    a pretty easy conditional offer to do Biological Sciences at Edinburgh,
    an unconditional offer for Glasgow to do Biomolecular Sciences,
    and an unconditional for Strathclyde to do Biomedical Sciences.

    To be honest I just want to know which of these courses is the best, and which one I'm most likely to have successful future prospects in.
    Also, I know you basically enter Biology as a subject in general in first year, but if I were to accept Glasgow as an example, would I be able to transfer to Biomedical Sciences or Forensic Biology?

    Any advice would be great, I just need to hear some opinions on which course would be best!

    Hey! I got unconditionals to the same three unis as you (strathy, ed and gla) I think imma firm edinburgh but i really like glasgow too but the course is better in ed and i like the lecturers more Like you I dont really want to go to strathy but applied to see if i could get in
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    Yeah I always knew that it would be between Glasgow and Edinburgh for me, just can't quite decide between those two haha! Yeah Edinburgh is definetly the better for biology and medicinal subjects, the only thing throwing me off is the fact it's so far away!

    haha where do you live? how far away from both unis are you? ive firmed ed but have 7 days to change and i think i may change to glasgow as for a proper student life and a good social life i think glasgow is better tbh You?

    I might be biased, but in my opinion Edinburgh is a better university for Biological Sciences. I also applied for Biological Sciences at Edinburgh and Glasgow and went to the open days. I ended up doing Medical Sciences at Edinburgh, but many of my courses are Biological Sciences courses along with the Biology students. Here you will find information about all of the Biological Sciences courses at Edinburgh University and this website gives quite useful videos about studying Biological Sciences at Edinburgh... just click on any of the links on that page then click on "the innovative teacher" and you will should see the clips. Some of them tell you about specific courses but others are about Biological Sciences in general. The second one is particularly useful. The course at Edinburgh is very flexible. You enter as a Biological Sciences student then you can choose which area you want to specialise in for Honours, for example Biochemistry, Ecology, Neuroscience, Zoology etc. (The complete list you can choose from is here.)

    The University of Edinburgh has better reputation than Glasgow and Strathclyde. It is ranked 5th in the UK and 20th best in the world by QS Rankings. Times Higher Education places it on the same rank nationally and 36th in the world.

    Edinburgh has also educated many notable graduates such as the naturalist Charles Darwin.


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