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How do I be a "Bad boy" to get ladies?

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    Hi people, It's a well known fact the bad boys get the ladies, but how do I be a bad boy?

    Like I'm not sure if going round spitting on the floor and getting asbo's will make me very desirable will it. Does it? Answer honestly please, pm me if you don't want to admit it here.

    I'm just sick of it, girls just friend zone me. do girls want to be punished or something? Like one of my friends say's when he has sex with his girl in the shower, he actually pee'd on her, all over her, and i just thought it was vile!

    Do girls want to be cheated on? Do girls want a man to get with all their mates?

    Why are girls like this are they incapable of liking boys who don't treat them bad? I just don't get it

    Some help would be great because I'm getting really stressed out here

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    I could have sworn that you were a female the other day.
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    Rape. Ticks both boxes at once.
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    Go on OP, make more threads to give us a laugh!
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    Username combined with thread title :rofl:

    "U Mirin?"
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    Get off TSR for starters.
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    (Original post by 04ghicks)
    Rape. Ticks both boxes at once.
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    Jail is a good start. I am regularly in and out of my local jail and I am the coolest guy in my area.
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    what a fag.
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    (Original post by Zyyz)
    Like one of my friends say's when he has sex with his girl in the shower, he actually pee'd on her, all over her, and i just thought it was vile!

    some girls are just way too dutty ;D loving it hahahahahaha
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    Grow a biker moustache, wear a sleeveless denim top and chew gum (tobacco is bad for your health).

    (Original post by Zyyz)
    Like one of my friends say's when he has sex with his girl in the shower, he actually pee'd on her, all over her, and i just thought it was vile!
    Golden girl huh?
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    Yeah, spitting on the floor and getting ASBO's will make you irresistible to the ladies. They'll be flocking outside your house by the dozens.
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    buy lynx?
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    Take your friend's advice. Start peeing on girls.
    You'll be the baddest boy around, for sure.
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    I fawking zeez brah
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    When they say bad boy in magazines it often just means a guy who takes drugs and has slept with a lot of women.
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    Yeah why flirt with girls when you can beat them up and pee on them.

    Clearly OP you and your friends are in a different league for seduction.
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    how can someone post something like that on a forum for students and not expect to be taken the piss out of?
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    :rofl: the hell.

    Treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen, apparently :ninja:


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Updated: May 1, 2012
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