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Whats an AVERAGE day for you like in Uni?

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    I'm not in Uni but am curious as to what you guys get upto.

    Note the AVERAGE day. Dont hype it up!

    EDIT: I've been told so many times Uni is worth it even for the Social Life/Experience. You guys make it sound boring!!
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    Lectures 2-4 hours
    Study 2-4 hours
    Sport 1 hour


    Do it all over again.
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    If the day is not being hyped up I expect to see the word procrastination a few times.
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    Well I'll map what today has been like.

    Lecture at 9am, went to the University cafe with friends and hung out with them until 11.40pm when I met up with one of my tutors to look over my work. Then at 12pm I ran to my seminar to avoid being late, then from 1-3pm I was back in the cafe with my friends. Went home, watched tv, looked up some lecture notes, made dinner and about to do some reading for my lecture tomorrow.

    This is pretty much how my days are made up, with minor additions like going to the library, or going to town inbetween lessons etc or with varying amounts of lessons.
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    In at 9am, finish at around 5, often later.
    Grab a cup of tea in the morning.
    For lunch, pick something up out of sainsbury's and eat it while working in the computer labs.
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    More Work
    You guessed it more Work
    Shop (look for some offers)
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    Well today I did some translation, then some of my french essay, then ate lunch, then went into uni for my translation class, then came home and spoke to my mum on Facebook and did some more french and now I'm here.

    I don't think I'm a very good advert for university today
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    What about the people who don't live at university? Do you hang around till late with your mates or just go home?
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    Well from what I remember (a couple of years ago now)

    Wake up at 8:30am realise its way too early and hit snooze until about 9:30am to realise I just missed the 9am lecture. Make it in for 11am lecture, grab some lunch, maybe get a few books out of the library. Attend an afternoon lecture probably about 2pm -4pm. Head back to the house, get back in to find people lying about on the sofa playing fifa, join in myself, maybe crack open a can. This can then leads to the discussion of going out, contemplate the guilt that I missed a lecture this morning and going out will automatically lead to tomorrows 9am being written off, consider this. Then decide to go out. Then realise someone has to go and get tickets etc for wherever we're going. argue about this for an hour, until we end up going to the god awful place we always go. Commence a drinking game, and then its all a little blurry from there.

    Repeat cycle...
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    Wake up after the start of a lecture

    Then go back to sleep.
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    (Original post by tehforum)

    Wake up after the start of a lecture

    Then go back to sleep.
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    Lecture at 9-12, grab lunch at 1pm then chill out, talk with mates from 2-3, from 3pm a tutorial and then go home, watch tv, eat do some work and reading watch tv again lol and just try to catch up with whats on lectures really.
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    Sleep in and probably miss a lecture.
    Wake up half an hour before my next lecture/class.
    Debate whether I should go to it or not.
    Go to said lecture/class.
    Return to halls.
    (Maybe snooze.)
    Have a shower.
    Do some work.
    Eat more.
    (Maybe do some more work.)
    (Maybe go out. Maybe take a tactical power-snooze before going out.)
    Go to bed at some ridiculous time in the early hours of the morning and sleep.
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    Wake up anywhere between 7am and 1pm.
    Laze around for a few hours.
    Lectures 9-1 or 2-5.
    Work 2-6 most days.
    Procrastinate, don't do coursework.
    Start worrying and work through to 4/5am.
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    Often I don't wake up until 11ish, if I've got any lectures in the afternoon I'll go to them but I don't normally go to morning ones...
    I'll have breakfast/lunch, go to lectures/do work/hang out with my hall mates (often this takes up much more time than it should considering we just talk about nothing), nap, then in the evening I will cook a meal with two of my friends which we will eat whilst watching some trash tv program.
    Depending on what's going on I'll either go out at night or we sit in the common room and watch movies til about 1, then I go back to sleep
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    Go to lecture
    Eat lunch
    Eat dinner

    Pretty much (except for the lectures being at different times so I have to change around my procrastination because of it )
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    go lectures, come back work, either watch tv and then sleep or go out and not sleep lol
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    The average day is quite dull. Go to a few lectures or see a few patients. Eat a bit of food, maybe do some work, play some PS3... In fact, I'd say most of university is quite dull, with brief moments of terror and some really high points.

    Don't get me wrong, it's generally enjoyable, but not terribly exciting.
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    wake up,
    get laid,
    push through crowds of screaming girls to get to my lectures,
    do a bit of coursework,
    get engaged on a pointless argument on the student room,
    go to bed much too late
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    Wake up anytime between 7.45am and 11am depending on when lectures are, go to lectures (2-3 hours a day), come back, study/procastinate, have dinner, study/procastinate, chill with friends. If I'm going out in the evening, I'll spend after dinner getting ready to go out, drinking and going out.

    I don't really know what else you'd expect from an average uni day


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