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Shaving or Waxing for Men?

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    I was just wondering what would be more suitable for an 18 year old. Its either shaving or waxing. The only problem i have with shaving is that the hair on my chest will grow thicker and faster whereas waxing pull the hair from the roots, so I'm not too sure.:confused:

    Which is preferable?

    Also which products would you recommend?
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    i really dont recomend waxing it hurts like a ****er! as for shaving well its easier sure but as you said it gives the appearence of coming back thicker and darker, actually a myth though :P
    you could try hair removal cream? i found veet works quite well or failing that electric shavers are quite good
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    Nivea do a whole range, i've never tried on my torso but I sampled on my arm and neck and it works well and cleanly.
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    Also, the assertion that shaving causes hair to grow back thicker is entirely false. It probably originated as an excuse to get a pubescent to shave off their patchy looking neckbeard.
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    Waxing if you're a spartan, cus that **** hurts like hell. But very effective.
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    Neither, you're a man aren't you?! Keep that **** on!
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    Great advice Guys!

    I'll definitely try the hair removal cream some people mentioned.
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    (Original post by DanLorenzo)
    Waxing if you're a spartan, cus that **** hurts like hell. But very effective.
    Depends on how long the hair is. I had my short leg hair waxed once and it was nice and pleasant and did not hurt as much as I thought it would. Khhht...aww! Enjoyed it.

    Apart from that I shave once a week. Feels good. I am an American Football player and hence do it for sporty reasons.
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    As girl, i keep on saying to my male friends that they should wax their facial hair as it reduces chances of cutting their skin and darkening of the skin. No one listens to me though.lol.


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