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Is this a scam? (Ebay, paypal issue)

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    So I ordered something off ebay about a month ago and haven't received the item so I asked for a refund off the seller, they agreed but asked if I could send them my email address associated with my paypal account so they could refund me through their mum's paypal because they are having issues with theirs.

    Can anything happen to my account if I give them my email?
    I'm aware they might just send me a scam email saying it has been deposited when it hasn't but I'd just have to check my bank to see. I don't understand why they would try to scam me when they have 400+ ratings, only 4 of which are negative and none are for the same reason.

    I opened a case to deal with this, should I just esculate it and let ebay sort it or message back saying no her paypal only? What should I do TSR?
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    They can't do anything funny with your email, don't worry.

    With 400+ ratings I can only imagine they're telling the truth. They do need to know your email address so that they can refund you of course.

    I would say that they can check your email but they would need to log in on their PayPal account, if it's acting up then they would need to ask for it to refund you.

    Basically, seems legit!
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    No problem at all. Just log in to paypal once you get the e-mail to make sure it's in there.
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    Ok thanks guys I've emailed her it
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    That sounds kind of fishy..

    If you paid for you item with paypal, all he/she has to do is go on to their paypal account, look for the transaction and click on 'refund'.

    Its that simple.
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    (Original post by A-K-J)
    That sounds kind of fishy..

    If you paid for you item with paypal, all he/she has to do is go on to their paypal account, look for the transaction and click on 'refund'.

    Its that simple.
    They are having problems with their paypal so need to use someone elses.


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Updated: April 22, 2012
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