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Does anybody else go to the effort of making a cup of tea/coffee, then forgetting it?

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    I do this constantly. So annoying! what a waste!
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    I like tea to much to do this.

    God, I love tea. In fact, I'm having a cup now. And then I'm going to have another after that. Heaven, for me, would be a big cup of tea, served to me by hot young lesbians. Hell would be a big bowl of coffee, served by Ken Livingstone in a dress.

    God, I love tea.
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    Drink all the coffee!!!!!!
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    Yes, when I do I just zap it in the microwave for a few seconds. Problem solved.
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    Same, I'm a major caffeine addict so I am forever making cups of coffee, then I get distracted, leave and come back and it's stone cold/grown a skin. So I make another, and it might even happen again!

    You are totally not alone :five:
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    Yeah, but it's when someone else has made it for me that I feel worst. It normally gets drunk by someone else before it gets cold though!
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    Yeah, I have done it quite a few times, I have either go into doing work on computer so much that I forgot about it or playing games console, watching tv and forgetting, a couple of times I have drunk half of it meaning to drink the rest of it and forgetting then realising which by that time is too cold to drink, a couple of times also I think I have drunk it then realised I haven't.

    I really like tea too, I can have a lot of mugs of tea in a day but at moment maybe only having one or two a day which I would prefer much more
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    Yes, my mum always does this. That's why I don't bother making her tea any more.
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    no, but sometimes i forget that i haven't boiled the kettle and to my distress end up making myself a cold cup of tea
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    I like cold coffee so doing this just results in a pleasant suprise for me later on when I find I've left myself a lovely treat
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    If its not in my eye line, then i will forget and not drink it. I have to see it, to remember.... :L
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    Yes, I do. And I end up either drinking cold tea, or putting it in the microwave, because I don't want to throw it out!
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    Every. ****ing. Time.
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    Yeah! Except once my nana made me a cup of coffee but I forgot about it but I
    drank it cold so it wasn't rude to leave with the cup still full...

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    yes and then I feel like all that is good is gone on the world
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    As promised, I'm having another cuppa. It's like the ambrosia of the gods.
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    I have been known to microwave cups of cold tea. :ninja:
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    Yeah I've done it a few times and by the time I remember it's gone cold. Or other times I've boiled the kettle and I forget to actually make the tea .
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    (Original post by Chibelta)
    I do this constantly. So annoying! what a waste!
    Put it in the microwave.

    *take the spoon out first though!*
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    Nah, but sometimes I forget to actually put the kettle on and just pour cold water into my mug.


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