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is it bad to cut off ties with a cousin?

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    so basically,

    my best friend and i fell out before christmas, cos i basically accidentally came a cross fb msgs between my cousin (girl, and she is my only flatmate too) and my best friend *****ing about me, saying how im stupid, never clean, am selfish, etc...just horrible stuff. thing is i have a boyfriend, and they were saying how im in a bad relationship, although me and him have been together for 4 years, and we are head over heels in love. he's never hurt me or done anything bad. he's super polite etc. and has always been nice to them. but for some reason they ganged up on me. my cousin only met my best friend few months ago. anyways, i read the fb msg, and confronted my friend about it, and she cut off all ties with me (instead of talking about her feelings like a normal person) so she blocked me from fb, and my bf and brothers and mother etc. i fought with my cousin over the things she said, and not sticking up for me when she was involved in the *****ing with my friend. but cos she is my family i forgave her.

    anyways this semester, she went and is hanging out with my ex best friend, and i feel totally hurt by it. like she should out of respect to me not go out of her way to hang out with her. like she should be cordial. but instead when it was my cousins birthday, she went with my ex bestfriend for a birthday dinner, and left me uninvited. my cousin has also never cleaned, or contributed to the flat, or paid her bills for the last 4 months. i paid everything for her ie. TV,internet, gas, electric..etc. and now ive had enough. so i asked for my money, and she basically gave me half. and i got even more pissed. i mean she owed me 300pounds. and she was like 'i put in 150 pounds from my moms account, let me know when u get it'..i mean wtf, it was 300...like she hasnt even apologised, she should have said "im so sorry, i am only able to afford 150 now, i will have the rest by __" and then she said 'it was nice of my mother to pay, since it wasnt hers to pay'...like wtf?..the money is a whole semester overdue. its like she tried to guilt trip me. like wtf, its my money.

    i basically told her i want nothing to do with her, since she befriended my biggest enemy, and has been so disrespectful and hurtful towards me. btw this is only a part of the **** she's done. there loads more, but she is coming back to the flat in a week. and im planning on not talking to her. or jsut being very uninterested. i just want my cousin and my ex friend out my life. they are both jealous mean *****es.

    should i mend things with my cousin? or is it okay to want to not be friends anymore? anyone go through something similar?

    Depends whose tie it is, how much it's worth and if it has a nice pattern on it

    I think this whole situation should open your eyes to the type of person your cousin is. If you both have an argument, that is fair enough, but befriending a girl deliberately is a vicious thing to do, so cut them both from your life unless they are sincerely sorry.

    Embrace your future, not your past

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    thanks, i was just maybe worried that it would look bad on me for not wanting to be friends with my cousin anymore. like other people would find that disgraceful. but thanks for the advice!

    i can do the jive me

    sounds like you could do without that particular cousin in your life


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Updated: April 18, 2012
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