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What do you hate about Britain?

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    Immigration levels
    Education system
    Tuition fees
    British people
    Lack of jobs
    High cost of living
    British culture
    Lack of national pride


    Funny how the people complaining about immigrants want to became immigrants a lot of the time. But it's okay because you're white and not Polush, guys! Right?

    In all seriousness though. We had an excellent culture in the past, I mean, if you take a lot of the injustice and discrimination endemic to it as part and parcel with being 'in the past'. Good arts, a good navy, pride, colour, so on. As goes for most of Europe, great place.

    Now the modern era's come and all countries have lost contact with their roots except for a few Historians, re-enactors and trivia. The current drinking culture is absurd... if you don't get wasted, you're not having fun! Look how hungover I am! I bought three bottles of gin and now I can't afford lunch, tee hee. And it's not just the youth, though it is worse with us since we're apparently more susceptible to peer pressure than your average dog. Sure I enjoy a drink or two - or two! And getting plastered every now and again is your choice, but some people take pride in regularly getting hammered, I just, how is that something to be proud of? It's probably fun and all but it's hellishly undignified. Goes for lack of national pride I guess, that we buried the good stuff.

    Weather doesn't bother me. I like rain, and the sunny days and lovely. The education system isn't the best but it also isn't the worst, I think any standardised education system is going to screw someone up the arse. Or most people.

    Tuition fees and lack of jobs I'll lump together, I voted for both of those. It costs far too much to get an undergrad degree. I don't care if you get a loan. The loans are demoralising and frustrating in the extreme. You have to hammer at them for months. The lack of jobs is a problem nearly everywhere, and it isn't affecting me yet, but I've given up finding a part time job for the holidays bro, given up.

    The British people... we're grim, surly, slow to praise and quick to criticise. The only people who speak to strangers are pamphlet-givers, Big Issue vendors (who aren't a problem of course), and scumbags who'll shout slurs at anyone in the street to make themselves feel better. The current fashion choices are ridiculous and people ascribe to them like divine dogma. There's a keen split between people who think all sex is bad and people who have no respect for their bodies or their safety in regards to sex. People judge their worth by how much ass they are or are not getting. People still think feminism means radical man-hating feminists, when it doesn't, and as a result, the work of feminism is undone. Many modern-day feminists disregard the issues men face as a result of the society, and are also sexists. Men are expected to be emotionless and 'macho', women are expected to dress up and look pretty. Before the lack of kindness was masked by formality, now we have lost the formality and gained no kindness, so we are all petty, cruel, and big-mouthed without any shame. Intelligence is viewed as shameful and taking pride in the pursuit of knowledge is for geeks, squares, and weirdos. Most people actively resist being taught. Smiling at someone means you mmust have an agenda or are a creep (but the latter only if you're a man - because men are evil and women are totally pure!) The media have taken to giving us genuine compassion fatigue by showing a mixture of hyped up real-life horrors for entertainment and mundane idiocy about someone's collection of garden gnomes on the news.

    A lot of this is endemic to many societies these days, and a lot of it isn't so much new as realised by the ease of transmission of information. People are becoming very isolated and yet the world was never smaller... it's bizarre. And saddening. Maybe I'm too bitter.

    (Original post by Mishmashmoo)
    My conclusion is that British people are more polite...that's about it
    I don't think so. I've been abroad and found that people are much more polite than they are here.

    To me it just feels like a country mostly full of people trying to belittle and outdo every other person, judging others based on their background or their ability to do certain things, without actually knowing anything about them.
    There's people who believe they're above you and look down on you and there's people who seem to hate you for trying to do what you want, whilst they do nothing.

    This website could be taken as a little sample of the country. You've got your people that seem to enjoy belittling other people's choice of university, that want to make fun of a person's choice of degree, or that would just like to let them know that they believe they're better than them as they achieved better grades, regardless of whether that person is happy with what they're doing at uni or in life generally.
    You've got people who are financially secure complaining to the people from a not so great background for needing financial help, without knowing anything about why they might need it - Yes both your parents may of died just before you started college, leaving you to fend for yourself and get a job so that you can feed yourself and get your own place, but I don't get £30 a week, so neither should you! /sarcasm -
    Then there's people just generally acting like idiots over things such as religion, politics etc.

    TSR is a mini-England!

    David Cameron.

    (Original post by Jimbo1234)
    I've been to Italy, Spain, Turkey, and have friends who are from the other countries so I have had many authentic meals rather than restaurant crap which is changed for the English.

    Rosemary a spice? :rofl: And you call be a buffoon. But no, there are more English herbs, though none compare to spices.

    Our beer is good, our cheese is good and bad in some sense. You can not buy hard cheese in this country, just soft or medium. Meat is now average compared to most western countries, our breakfast is good, but few people actually have it (or need it as they are already fat), some of our deserts are good, but many are actually French in origin.
    Our fresh produce is ****ing dire. In Turkey you can buy 5 Kg of fresh vegetables that were picked that day and are "organic" for £3.50.

    You simply have not lived abroad as going to a foreign restaurant and actually eating foreign cuisine is completely different.
    Are you retarded? Seriously? Firstly, you have to look at the size of Britain. For our population, our country is tiny. Our population density is greater than that of your chosen example, Turkey. This means we have less land per person, to produce.

    Secondly, look at our climate. Do we have the beautiful Mediterranean sun to help our crops to grow to their full ability (if you did GCSE Biology, you'd know that light is a limiting factor, and many parts of Britain lack it).

    Thirdly, our fresh produce is, as you so crudely put it, 'f*****g dire' through no fault of our own. Making fruit/veg in our country is like making toys. We cannot compete with 3rd world countries, especially as our expectation of the cost is so low. Farmers do not make enough money to make these goods on a larger scale.

    Basically, don't complain. We can't do anything about it- our whole economy would need a reform for it to really change.

    (Original post by JessaminePoppy)
    Hm. The drinking water, I guess.
    I feel the same about where I live (rural France). Are you in a particularly crappy part?
    Birmingham, a big stinking smelly city with foul mannered miserable people

    (Original post by GrahamRodney)
    Nobody will miss you
    Actually there you're wrong.

    However the opinion of some randomer on TSR isnt worth squat to me so never mind

    The people who expect you to be loyal to the queen.

    Ummm Daily Mail, BNP, EDL, general bigots. (Who most of the time, don't think they are).

    Other than that, nothing. I count myself extremely lucky to live in a country with free healthcare, free education, welfare for if people struggle, and freedom of speech. My family hosted two children who came over from Belarus (an area still heavily affected by Chernobyl disaster). Their whole family lived in a one bedroom flat, and had to share a bathroom with the rest of the corridor. They thought we were millionaires because we live in a 4 bedroom, mid-sized house, and stashed food because they did not understand the 'food' on tap thing we have over here.

    We in Britain have won the lottery of life. Cliché, but true.

    Edit: By the way, I didn't vote. Your poll, strangely enough didn't have any appropriate options.

    (Original post by py0alb)
    Wtf. Seriously? Compared to where?
    Pretty much every other cuisine on the planet well of those I've tried; Indian, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, French, Russian, Greek, Turkish, Korean, Viet, Malaysian, Ethiopian, Spanish, Mexican...... I could go on. British food blows compared to them. Oh Azeri food ain't bad neither is Armenian but they're more Turkish influenced.

    I think I hate the monolingualism in this country. Not being a great linguist myself, I can see the shortcomings in not being taught, from a young age, foreign languages. Despite English being a hugely spoken international language, people of other countries won't ever stop speaking their own language. As we become increasingly diverse culturally as a nation I think it's important to accommodate for that and cure our persistent monolingualism as a country.

    Oh Nepalese too and Morrocon and Caribbean foods.

    Can I just say.. there isn't a lack of patriotism in Wales

    People that hate Britain and hate British people.

    personally i hate the lack of national pride, the amount of people on here who actively want to see this great nation go to the dogs is repugnant. Considering all this country has done/continues to do and will do for you, you're in no position to ***** and gripe.

    (Original post by silverbolt)
    Birmingham, a big stinking smelly city with foul mannered miserable people

    Actually there you're wrong.

    However the opinion of some randomer on TSR isnt worth squat to me so never mind
    Especially if you come from Birmingham.

    (Original post by Jimbo1234)
    All of that is exactly what I described, low quality meat with maybe some root vegetables. Just because it is in pastry does not hide the contents from me.

    The flavour of many of those meals are also pretty dire, hence why it is rare for people to eat them and no restaurant I can think of would ever dream of serving that crap.

    So then why is this high quality meat always hidden in pies, pastries, and stews? Because traditionally the average person could only afford the crap.

    We had no herbs so we mushed everything into one massive broth. Just a different way to hide the flavour.

    Italy is just pizza and pasta? Turkey just has kebabs?
    Well I think this shows how ignorant or naive you are of actual foreign cuisine. Stop talking about something you clearly don't have a clue about :rolleyes:
    You're even more pathetic if you think that all these dishes I listed are enclosed in pastry. You've obviously never been to Simpsons on the Strand. As I say, ignoramus.

    White english men, the most unpleasant people ever. It's really bizarre because white English women are lovely but something seems amiss with the men, I can't recall a pleasant experience with them to be honest.

    (Original post by bananaterracottapie)
    you're ****ing off your rockcer.... im still chewing on my last night's steak. its obvious to anyone who hsa travelled we have the worst meat :/ even angus steaks which are supposed to be high quality are **** in this country. plus meat is so expensive in comparison to other countries.
    You obviously buy your meat at Asda. Try going to a reputable butcher who values your custom and wants you to come back

    (Original post by Nightstar-27)
    People who ***** and whine about the country but do nothing to help it.


    I dislike the lack of community but god forbid I actually talk to my neighbour.

    I dislike how chain super markets have taken over but I still shop in them despite it being more expensive most of the time.

    I dislike the lack of fresh meat, fish, vegetables and fruit but I've never walked into my butcher, deli, fish monger, fruit and veg shop nor have I been to any of the stalls that sell these goods despite them being usually cheaper than supermarkets.

    I hate the lack of British industry but I won't buy British goods.

    I dislike the binge drinking culture and how people act yet I binge drink and act like an arse most of the time.

    I dislike how the government works but I never do anything to protest and continuously vote out of the same 3 parties all the time.

    ... this could go on.
    What a curious mind set you have.

    (Original post by GrahamRodney)
    Especially if you come from Birmingham.
    Lets not get insulting shall we, :P i do not come from Birmingham, i reside in Birmingham, i come from the west of Ireland

    (Original post by Tudball)
    In the wake of statistics about the large proportion of Britons who are dejected, apathetic and eager to emigrate, I thought I'd set up a miniature TSR poll - to see what's bothering young people in the UK about this country.

    So, as a complement to the poll, what do you hate about Britain?

    I just find it depressing. I find the dejection a vicious circle, as glumness begets glumness, almost. We have so little pride in ourselves, our local communities and our country as a whole. I'm not one for flag-waving patriotism, but a basic sense of taking pride in where you live seems to be missing in Britain. This is, of course, compounded and fuelled by our problems with high costs of living, a poor education system prior to university and a lack of jobs. We're a despondent little island, and I just don't find it pleasant to live here.

    That being said, I'm not planning to leave. I do love this country, for better or for worse. It's not a matter of being a patriot or a nationalist - just a sense that my community is worth saving, rather than abandoning (not that I cast judgement on those who leave - there are quite a few reasons to).
    All this shiz about "Islamists taking over Britain" really does my head in. Ignorance! But you find that in most countries anyway, for cultures of different origins.
    The things in the poll such as cost of living/tuition fees/weather are tolerable, even though I wouldn't complain if they were improved.
    Otherwise, I'm proud to be a part of England, the home of Marmite and Shakespeare!


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