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How is leeds nightlife and/or how does Leeds nightlife compare to manc?

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    Im into meatmarket, indie or student venues.

    Want clubs that will be filled every night of the week as I go out 5 nights a week currently in manc but I'd prob go out all 7 night if there was something decent on at all of them My main criteria are high ratio of girls to guys and full club thats about it really; I dont care about the specific scene. Manc nightlife has slowly been dying for years now imo compared to what it was when I first came to uni (8 years ago).

    I couldnt tell if this was just cos of manc or due to credit crunch. I suspect credit crunch but still that doesnt mean other cities havent fared better.

    How does leeds compare or if you dont know manc how does it stand up on its own given the above criteria?
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    Age 32
    **** me
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    Needs to get out more :rolleyes:
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    Hmm no other takers?
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    There are definitely clubnights on every night of the week, even Sundays. Leeds' nightlife scene is fantastic, and you'll always find something to suit your tastes
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    thats great to hear. Its amazing that even with manchesters size its nightlife has been dying a slow death for around 4 years now. Its really a stretch to find a well packed club any night of the week- saturday just about scrapes as passable in terms of ppl out.

    I have wondered why this is. I recall bristol seemed bustling when I went to oceana once so I dont think its countrywide tho that isnt a great sample size. Manc seems to have been hit hard by the recession.
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    If your into Indie I'd suggest the cockpit near the rail station, not too sure what its like as I'm not a big fan of that scene...more into house ect, however a few friends enjoy it, has a few different rooms with different music on, its suppose to be pretty busy on certain nights, again, not sure which, but you can check on the website for upcoming events I reckon, also Leeds o2 academy is good for Indie stuff, Propaganda on a saturday night is normally packed ! its at the top end of town near the uni's and stuff so theres a fair few students that go ! Good night out...
    Theres loads of other clubs aswell...mostly down the bottom end of town ( the top end is more bars that play terrible terrible chart music!! ) - places such as mission/space are a good place to go, you need to look out for events which are on certain days of the week - thursdays are student night so thats when you find that most young people go out, probably the best night I reckon...
    Also, probably wont be your choice of music but you'll have to go to 'Halo' on a Monday - £1 drinks all night and like £2 in...Ridiculous !! - I've been plenty of times and cant hardly remember it the day after haha ! - thats basically where everyone goes on a Monday because its right next to the uni's and of course...the cheap drinks ! Always packed out so you always get talking to everyone .
    Overall, Leeds is a great place to go out...you just need to know where to go on which days !
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    Good stuff. Ye I dont care about the music just so long as its full of girls. I used to hate indie nights but come to love them due to some good ol pavlovian positive reinforcement over the last cpl years.

    I do generally like a range tho, indie, oceana type try hards, general students etc. but as I said wehrever the ratios are best is where my johnson will be found.


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