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    Figured I'd register and have a snoop around. Might see what you guys are planning to do and check out some questions I have as well.
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    What are you studying for at the moment? I'm doing a-levels in biology, chemsitry, geography and psychology.

    If you do have a question, make sure you click on the forums tab and find the most relevant place fro your question. That way you don't make the moderators and the people who're most likely to be able to answer your question will be in that section and see it.
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    I'm studying for an extended diploma in Music Technology at the moment! ;D Attempted psychology and some others before, but they just weren't for me :P

    I'll make an extra special effort to find the right place for any questions, just cause you asked!
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    It's ; ) and : p without the gaps for a and btw, here's a full list of smilies http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/misc...=vB_Editor_001

    Ahh, so are you going to apply to uni for something to with music tech then? Rather than a music acadmeny for palying instruments?
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    Oh and a couple of tips. Don't say anything too contraversial in the religion or society forums else you'll get lots of thumbs down and then red gems like me.

    I dunno if you've seen the FAQ page about the rep system. BUT, you see the thumbs up and down buttons for each post. If you've got green gems then if you click on one of those two buttons on someones thread then their rating goes up or down. If you get too many reds then you're gem goes red like mine and clicking either buttons on another post won't do anything to their rating. Only do it on posts that are really worthy of it as you only get 5 a day. Plus the more gems you have the more power you have. If someone with oen green gem gives you rep then your score wil lgo up or down accordingly, by 1. if someone has 4 green gems then you're score will change by 4! I think scores of 1-50 are 1 green gem and -1 to -50 is one red gem and so on.
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    Aha, cheers!

    Yeahh, I'm gonna do Music Technology at Hertfordshire Uni, should be pretty fun!

    What were you planning on doing?
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    and that rating system sounds quite scary! Might just try avoiding that :|
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    I'm hoping to do something like oceanography or marine biology (but I dunno if my bio grade will be good enough for that).

    it's not as scary or complicated as it sounds - I'm not very good at explaining things, you might be best looking at the FAQ page.

    You can't avoid the system, you can only avoid posting things that you think will get negative reputation :eek3: but even then I've gotten neg rep for something and i've been like 'honestly WTF was wrong with what I said.' but it's called neg and run which is unfortunately common in the religion section. People don't agree with you so just neg instead of explaining how/why their point of view is different

    Best things to do;
    - try and only post correct and helpful answers
    - don't spam or troll
    - don't attack muslims, christians or atheists, especially in the religion or philosophy sections
    -don't ask really stupid questions that you could have googled or have been asked recently (use the search function to check.)

    From my experiences these are the things that get people the most neg rep. Luckily people only get 5 chances to rep other people a day and that can't be the same person more than once.

    Good luck keeping those green gems
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    Oh and you can't see who gave you rep, sometimes it's obvious though. This means that you can't just give neg rep in revenge.
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    Oceanography or marine biology sound so interesting! :eek:
    I'm a little jealous of that

    I'll probably just stay off any sections where I might accidentally say something a little controversial, seems easier than trying to explain a point of view that people might not want to listen to!
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    Asking a religious question is fine unless it's something like 'why are people in Muslim countries all stupid?' but I'd stay out of any heated debates until you get used to things round here.
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    :hello: Welcome to TSR!



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