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I dont know how to restrain myself right now.

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    I'm extremely irritated by a situation my friend is in. I'll try and some this up in bullet points so it's an easy read:

    1) A is my best friend, currently living in a different city and dating B who lives in our home town.

    2) C is someone I have had a lot of conflict with in the past. She's a notorious liar and attention seekers and to be honest a nasty piece of work.

    3) C is claiming to have slept with B. B is saying that they haven't.

    4) C is a liar, we all know that but there is always that doubt and A is finding it hard to decide who to believe. A and B are not in a serious relationship, its fairly new but she doesnt want to split up with B because of something that could be a lie.

    5) I am finding it extremely hard not to say something to C about how much of a good friend A was to her, when everyone else hated her. It honestly makes me sick, whether shes lying about sleeping with B or actually slept with B, why would someone do this to A? Especially as they have been friends for a long time.

    In short, its probably best I keep my mouth shut. But when C was bullying me, for lack ofa better word, A stuck up for me and I feel I should say something.

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    Too complicated; didn't read.

    Just keep out of it.
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    I'd stay quiet if I were you.
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    maybe you should ask D.
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    I personally would say something to C about it but then I'm usually the one getting in trouble for saying things when I shouldn't, so I don't know.
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    Keep out of it, but still engage in a bitch fight with C. Everyone loves a bit of action
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    "jerry""jerry""jerry""jerry""jer ry""jerry""jerry""jerry""jerry"" jerry""jerry""jerry""jerry""jerr y""jerry""jerry""jerry""jerry""j erry"!
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    Stay out of that mess and play dumb if it comes out in the open. Whatever you do, it will somehow come back on you for being involved.
    can you tell i've had experience with this kind of ****?
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    This is how future GCSE mathematic algebra questions will be like.
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    Replace the letters in this post with fake names and I will bless you with my advice. At the moment I don't know wtf you're talking about.
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    (Original post by Billton)
    Stay out of that mess and play dumb if it comes out in the open. Whatever you do, it will somehow come back on you for being involved.
    can you tell i've had experience with this kind of ****?
    I know that this is what I should do. But its extremely frustrating to not be able to help at all. There is a lottt of drama in my home town, and i've spent the last year avoiding it all - and I will probably continue to do so now.
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    I feel the answer is in there somewhere :afro:
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    is this Made in Chelsea or something?


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