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    Whats the nightlife like in Barcelona and what are the main hotspots of the city?

    Interested to hear from people who have been as Im considering booking Barca for a stag do.

    Help appreciated!
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    amazing city. you won't regret it man, hahah just believe me. make sure you plan it right, cause the nightlife's wild and there are so many hot and popular places to go. make sure you visit when it's warm, preferably in summer! there's a lot to see and do, whether it's historical sights or grinding hot international ass.
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    We're after good nightlife my friend!

    Where would you reccomend? How is Barcelona split?
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    OMG bARCA is greaatt!
    i went two weeks ago for the weekend...had a fantastic time you have everything there bar clubs restaurants monuments you wont be bored all day and night ..all you need to have is energy!! to s ee and experience everything

    as for night life we went to sutton ,they say its the best posh?club there and Eclipse skybar on the 26 th floor of hotel W depends what your taste is!


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Updated: April 20, 2012
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