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becoming really nervous of stalling..and end up stalling - Often

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    ive had about 17 hours with an instructor and 8 hours with my parents car.

    im stalling all the time now in my dads old fiat punto..i just had an hours drive then and stalled 4 times, but in my instructors car i never stall and the clutch bite point is so much lower and easier to find/manouevere

    when i first drove in my dads car though i never stalled it :/ i drove everywhere and never stalled, now im gettin really nervous and paranoid about it that i keep stalling it, the punto's bite point is so high up and the gas pedal is so sensitive and it makes it that more annoying im gettin really scared of it lol

    any advice? :/

    p.s. by lower i mean to the floor, and higher i mean when letting go of the clutch

    Same problem here!! I got really big problem with our car its fiat stillo, specially on hills it happens two times now where i cant just go on the hill and we had to change seats with my boyfriend so the car doesn't stay in the middle of the road forever On my instructor car i am completely fine i think because its diesel and our one is petrol and make things difficult. I am now really terrified when approaching hill and have to stop.
    I guess more practise its need it.
    For example just go on the very quite street and stop and go if necessary all day so you can used to it to the clutch and the car.
    I think fiats are very hard to drive

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    You will get used to it just pull up the handbreak when you are on the hill, When its time to go set some gas and pull up the clutch to the biting point your car will lift from the rear and then pull down the handbreak and you won't roll back.
    Its easier said then done but once you get used to it it will become easier.
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    I have a fiat 500 and had the exact same problem but I've been driving for 3 months and now I think it's just getting used to something different cause I don't stall anymore

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    I was the exact same way but sooner or later it all seems to click and you don't stall. It's better to do this on your lessons.

    Just don't worry too much you will get there. I never thought I would but I passed my test on Wednesday.


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Updated: August 29, 2014
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