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Can you fail a driving test on manoeuvres?

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    Hi, I have booked my test for a few weeks time, but the issue I really have is with manoeuvres. I plan on practicing these in my upcoming lessons, but I know on the day this is what I will be most nervous about. So I was wondering if you can fail a test just on manoeuvres? When I looked it up online it said that people do, but that it is for ineffective observation, hitting the kerb etc. But if my observation was fine, and for instance I went wide when reversing around a corner, would this count as a fail, or just a minor? And the same with the other manoeuvres?
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    I thik someone said 2 days ago they failed for not looking enough when reversing round a corner.

    As for hitting the kerb - I thought that was instant fail: which is right, if you cannot control the vehicle without hitting things you shouldn't be out on your own. Going wide is no better: reversing round a corner and ramming someone because you're on the wrong side of the road shows you do not know how to handle the vehicle.

    Thirdly, not knowing what can make you fail the test should be enough evidence to show you are not ready to take the test.
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    Ouch. Was just a question!
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    Yeah I failed my second test for going too close to a parked car trying to correct my parallel park. Somebody I know failed on their reverse round the corner for not turning the wheel soon enough and ending up on other side of the road
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    I failed one of my 3 driving tests for my reverse park.

    When I was reversing, there was another learner having a lesson. Whilst I was reversing that was slowly creeping forward to squeeze through the very tight gap that was there... I failed because I apparently didn't know that they was there.

    I was fully aware they was there, although I would have thought they should have stopped until I had finished.

    My sister also failed her reverse around the corner because of going to wide, its all easily done though...

    Once you've got the hang of it you're fine.
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    My instructor told me that if you're too wide on a reverse round the corner they can fail you, but it depends on the situation. For example, if you're blocking the other side of the road because the car has come too far out or you're not keeping to the shape of the corner. You can also fail on a parallel park if you're too far away from the curb, which can be easy to do but they see it as a major fault. Unfortunately, a bad manoeuvre can fail you even if the rest of your drive was faultless.
    Don't let it panic you though as that's what I did and I failed first time because I was so nervous and worked up. Just drive the best you can and remember that the examiner doesn't want to automatically fail you, they are looking to potentially pass you. Just focus as much as you can on areas you feel you need to and I'm sure you will be fine
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    I went quite wide when reversing round a corner as long as you observed enough and stay on the right side of the road you'll be fine.

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    If you get a major then yeah

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    On the test that I passed, I hit the curb when doing my parallel parking manoeuvres. My instructor constantly said that if you do that, you fail, but to my surprise at the end of the test, the examiner passed me and I only got a minor for it.

    Don't worry, I don't hit other things when I'm out and about like other people have insinuated in this thread


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Updated: January 30, 2015
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