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The Ultimate "I failed my driving test!" Thread ‎-MK II

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    (Original post by Spartz)
    First serious ridiculously harsh

    Posted from TSR Mobile
    It's ridiculous how non uniform driving examiners are! My friend told me how on her test she forgot which exit to take at the roundabout, remembered last minute and swerved into it-she passed first time! My actions didn't even affect anyone else either, the examiner said there was a white van behind me but he never said I caused it to slow down or anything.

    (Original post by Spartz)
    Good luck I passed last week so I can give u some tips. Believe me the best tip u can give you is talk with your examiner.. Talk about something.. Anything as it will cool you down and not feel like your in an intimidating environment. Honestly I was talking about my university choices and A Levels, and asked where she was from (she had an accent) and we just got chatting and I felt relaxed (don't get carried away though cause u might get distracted) and don't talk ALL the time.

    I feel that if the examiner can see you having a conversation and driving at the same time they will be more impressed as you're multi tasking signs of a good driver.

    90% of people fail due to nerves so the best thing to do is cool down (easier said than done I know) but if u drive smoothly and do no stupid mistakes, you'll pass. It's not that hard unless you make it hard.

    Good luck

    Posted from TSR Mobile

    Thanks for the tips so glad I found this thread!

    I have my driving test this Wednesday, it'll be my 2nd attempt. I failed my first attempt because my examiner wanted me to drive straight ahead and I was in the right lane instead of the left, when I changed lanes the car from behind almost hit me which resulted in a major. Hopefully Wednesday will be a lucky day

    Failed my third attempt for pretty much running a red light, on the road leading back to the test centre -_-

    And I hate having to cycle or take the bus everywhere.

    Failed my first attempt today
    I was really nervous and actually thought I had passed when I got to the end!

    I got 2 Serious majors and 4 minors!

    Ready for the 'weird' part...
    - 1 major for when doing my 3 point turn i did it in 7 (i was being very cautious) however he said that it should be done in 5 max, I thought thought was unreasonable!
    - The second was on a 1 way road he said turn right and I stayed in the left lane,
    I suppose i understand the second one more, but there were no cars and on the other one way roads I had gone in the correct lane

    Now for something interesting ... On my minors 3 out of the 4 minors were for speed! I went 20 in an area simply because there were cars both sides and that was what my instructor told me to do, i really dont remember doing any other bad speeds! the other minor was for observation

    I have to admit the examiner in my opinion was not particularly helpful, he refuted all my efforts to talk to him and when he was doing the debrief I asked him what road it was I had taken the wrong lane , He said "South Road" , I asked where that was and he was like - your instructor will show you before he rushed off and started speaking to the other instructors who were talking to there students (i was the first back)

    All in all im not unhappy - I did better than I thought i would do as i was really nervous and scared however I just feel a bit disappointed but this is a thread for sharing experiences and this was mine!
    Im going to book it ASAP and hopefully do better, I have lost the fear of the unknown and it it way less sophisticated than i expected , you literally go in , do it , come out! So better luck next time!


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Updated: April 16, 2014
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