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The Ultimate "I failed my driving test!" Thread ‎-MK II

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    I've got my 2nd test in two weeks; anyone got any tips? I'm terrified I'm going to fail again! I failed with 2 majors on my first test, the first being gears because I approached a roundabout in 2nd when I should have been in first, the 2nd major being for being lane discipline because whilst I was waiting at a different roundabout, there was a pretty big van in the outside lane and I should have been further left in my lane (I was in my own lane but it was an unmarked roundabout and because of the size of the van I should have been further left so that there was a more comfortable gap). But I did the first major within 5 minutes of my test and knew if failed for the rest so that might have affected my performance. Nerves are my main issue with the test; even in school I always would get straight As in class work but would muck up in an exam situation.

    Also, my instructor is really insistent that I don't do private practice? I've been doing it anyway, but I made it pretty clear to him that I wouldn't be taking a ridiculous amount of lessons because it's too expensive (lessons are an hour and a half and cost me £35) but even with me only having one a week he says I shouldn't do private practice anyway? He claims it's bad to go between cars but that sounds like rubbish to me. His car is a diesel and pretty easy to drive and the only time I've ever made a mistake with gears is on the test where I'm certain I've just been nervous, panicked and not changed the gear. Anyone else ever been told this?


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Updated: July 31, 2014
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