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The Ultimate "I failed my driving test!" Thread ‎-MK II

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    Failed my test recently for undertaking. I'm gutted as I only had 4 minors.

    I was going along a road where there is intermittent sets of traffic lights all of the way along. At each set of these lights there are right turns. This particular road was 50mph limit, I was doing 40 ish to account for a reasonable gap for a truck traveling infront of me. I had another driver literally driving inside my boot he was that close.

    So apparently I undertook someone on the outside lane when traffic on that side had slowed down for someone preparing to make a right turn? I know the letter of the law is one thing but what could I have done in that situation. Slammed my brakes on to match the crawling pace of the traffic on the right and caused an accident/failed for causing the traffic behind to alter their speed significantly? Or can I get out my crystal ball to guess whether the driver is going to turn right or not? I'm just abit bemused. My instructor and others I have discussed this with are also at a loss. Felt abit dammed if I do, damned if I don't. Oh well, better luck next time.

    Just abit of advice, the test flys over, people shouldn't panic, if you take your time and concentrate it literally feels like you've been driving for 5 minutes. All the best.

    Maybe wrong place to write this haha, but I just wondered how long after you passed did you wait before giving friends lifts?

    • hi i had my first driving test last thursday (16th oct) i was so nervous but had my instructor in the car with me which helped the nerves the drive went really well until we came up to this roundabout which i really hate! its a three lane roundabout and always manic! so he asked me to go second exit (straight over) now i had stuck in my head keep left keep left as ive been taught so i kept left but stupidly without even thinking i was in the left turn only lane before leaving the roundabout! i got back to the test centre and he told me i had failed with 1 serious for being in a left turn lane he gave me a minor for not reading the sign which said left turn only so if i had been in the middle lane i would have passed with no minors to say i was gutted was an understatement! i cried my eyes out but he assured me that my driving was faultless minus that one thing and the drive was so smooth and i should be very proud of myself! my instructor said she was beaming with pride in my test she said that was the best she had ever seen me drive. it took me a few days to get over the disappointment of failing and now i think well i did pretty well to get no faults with any of my driving expect that stupid roundabout! my test is re booked but theres a 2 month wait!! so i am keeping an eye out for cancelations


    (Original post by Advisor)
    You're so full of hate. I feel sorry for you. I also feel sorry for any other old folk you're thinking of mistreating at your nursing home just because you had a bad week or didn't get your own way.

    It's not like the guy has given you bad news that you haven't been told before. Failed three tests? Learn to drive properly, love...
    step away slowly from the computer, take a walk and get some fresh air it helps to balance the mood

    Have my second test next week, I'm getting so nervous again Had my last lesson until the test day today, made a few mistakes but I think I'm starting to worry too much :cry:


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Updated: October 21, 2014
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